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September 22, 2017

Opening the meeting, President Marty introduced the head table: Roger Garriock, Brian McCullough, Robert Eilers, Jim Fryett, Richard Broadwith and President Marty Fairbairn.


Jim Fryett introduces speaker, Robert Eilers

Jim Fryett introduces speaker, Robert Eilers

Jim Fryett introduced  Robert Eilers, who has been waiting in the wings for nearly a year, waiting to give his classification talk. Robert has a very diverse background; he is, and has been, involved in many things in many places. One thing in which he has a hand at present is renovating the more than century old building adjacent to the dialysis center on Delhi Street. Once finished, Paul Demarco will be a tenant, if he is not already.

Robert was born in Germany and he grew up in Switzerland near the Italian border. His early schooling took him to many playgrounds so he learned a number of languages as a youngster. Playgrounds are great places to learn languages (and probably some choice words, too) and today Robert  is able to speak 6 languages.

Living in Toronto, he did the punk scene; he ran away from home and was on the street at 17.One day he was at the corner of Yonge and Wellesley discussing world affairs with some of his friends (who are still his friends) when a gentleman came up to him and asked him what he was doing that evening and Robert replied that he wanted to get into mergers and acquisitions, buy a company and turn it into a force for good The man said that he was also into mergers and acquisitions and invited Robert to come and see what he did. One thing turned into another and, at 18 years of age, Robert got his securities licence. In the spring, he got a job and then lost it when the market crashed in 1987.

After that, he went to Montreal and then decided to become an entrepreneur. Among other things, he started a newspaper, which he subsequently sold. He concluded that success was 55% luck, 25% hard work and 20% taking a risk. Many people work just as

Speaker Robert Eilers, classification talk

Speaker Robert Eilers, classification talk

hard and take risks as Robert did, but Lady Luck didn’t shine down upon them. Robert believes that those privileged and successful should remember that they are where they are not necessarily because of something they did but because they had considerable luck along the way.

Back in Toronto, thinking about what to do, he came to the realization the he could help someone who had a problem: on the street, broke, lost a job, kicked out of home, etc. He recalled that day at the corner of Yonge and Wellesley and what that man did for him and he tries to do that for people today. The choices which we make in our lives are based on our minds.

Robert  has dabbled in the airline business, worked for J.P.Morgan, owned a farm, has worked in Russia, Germany and France among other places. He’s a man of the world, trying, and succeeding, to make the world a better place. He is wrapped in the 4-Way Test and joined Rotary to help people and hopefully better the world.

Richard Broadwith thanked Robert.



Head Table:

Gino Tersigni- guest of Helmuth Slisarenko

Marisha Walewicz- guest of Robert Eilers

Sandra MacKenzie – guest of Jim McKenzie

Ross Brubacher- son of John



Narita Mohan, speaking for the Fellowship Committee, has organized a pool night so get out your pool cues, not your bathing suits, and come to the pool hall at the corner of Victoria Road and York Road, starting at 5:30 pm. There might be some hors d’oeuvres on the house but you’ll have to pay for the pool (a.k.a. billiards).

Dave Latreille told us to look at the latest issue of the Rotary Canada magazine for an article related to the Rotary Forest He’s happy for last week’s announcement about our Centennial Project and its relationship to the Rotary Forest.

Dave also told us that the service honouring Clare Rennie, after having been postponed twice, is now scheduled for October 6th (a Friday) at 2 pm. rain or shine) There will be directions to the site forthcoming.

Dave also announced that there will be tree-planting at the Forest on Saturday from 9 till noon and anyone is welcome, although it’s not a function of our club.


Helmuth had one, saying that his curling team of 2006 recently got together in Montreal and hoisted a few and told some lies, followed by the launch of Rotary Lager in Peterborough yesterday. The suds are firing on eight cylinders (can’t take the auto business out of his blood!).

Lawrie Jones told us that the first person who spoke to him at the office this morning could not speak a word two years ago. Laurie couldn’t believe that he was hearing her and he said she couldn’t stop talking and Lawrie was thrilled and happy for her.

Jim MacKenzie told about surfing the net one day, checking out the website of his hometown, Inverness, and came across a photograph of a young girl whom he had dated many years ago. Jim was in Inverness and met her; they had coffee, lunch and dinner, she later came to Canada and  they will fly to Seattle to see Jim’s son. They will have Thanksgiving here, then she’ll fly home to Inverness.. Jim’s happy!

Paul Dredge told of a 2 ½ week family holiday in England, one of the first they’d had in many years. There was lots of excitement what with driving on the other side of the road, looking out for pedestrians, etc.!


50/50 Winner

Anne Pennock

Rotary Birthdays

Anne Pennock

Jim Anderson

Bonnie Evans.

Rotary Anniversaries

Jane Armstrong August 25th 22 years

John Bradley August 29th 58 years

Paul Taylor September 1 25 years

Rick Le Feuvre September 4th 2 years

Carl Jadeski September 6th 43 years

For a total of 150 years, and that’s just Paul Taylor!

New Member

President Marty introduced Eric MacDougall who was about to be inducted as a new member. Eric is from Etobicoke, is married and has 2 daughters. He’s a graduate of York University, a hockey fan, employed by McCormick (the spice people) and also works sometimes as a cameraman for Rogers Cable.



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