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Friday, August 18th, 2017

PROGRAM: Kathi Dick


Darlene Carpenter introduced Kathi Dick, our District Governor, who has been a Rotarian for 11 years and is a member of the Rotary Club of Cambridge North. She has travelled to the Dominican Republic and to Tanzania to see first hand the difference her club and Rotary make in the world. She is a real estate broker,  lives in Cambridge and has two children.

Kathi told us that she saw Rotary making a difference in a Masai village in Tanzania. She visited a school which had a dirt floor and mats as a covering. The teacher was trained in the Montessori teaching method and was teaching the children Swahili, the language of Tanzania, which was not spoken in that village. RI, for the coming year wants to support and strengthen clubs and to enhance  public image and awareness of Rotary. The district realizes how much hard work goes into the projects which clubs undertake and the District is prepared to help by giving us the tools with which we can become more successful. A new strategic plan is being developed for the District based on a District visioning exercise held last December. The plan is being diligently worked upon and it is planned that it be in our hands by the end of the year. Annual policies and procedures are being updated to keep them current and relevant.

RI has promised to focus on and improve on line schools, such as a refreshed Rotary job board, and  a simplified grant process. RI also plans to develop a Rotary Peace School in association with the University of Waterloo and other educational facilities and to offer degree programs.

The environment needs our help. A tremendous boost for the world around us would be for each Rotarian in the world to plant a tree. Another undertaking will be to eradicate polio; it was accomplished with smallpox and it must be so with polio. The Rotary Foundation is held in high esteem by peoples and governments around the world; because of this, it can go and effect change in many places where religion and politics cannot.

Kathi urged us to attend the RI International Convention in Toronto next year. It will open up the worldto you and make you realize how world-wide Rotary is. Toronto is probably the closest the convention  will ever be to Guelph. 

Kathi was thanked by PDG Paul Truex.

As a post script to the meeting, Darlene reminded all that Ribfest is this coming weekend, the 25th, 26th and 27th.

Please Note These Dates:

  • Friday, August 25 – our club meeting will be held at Riverside Park in the Ribfest Tent (print coupon for $3 off a half rack rib dinner)
  • Wednesday, August 30 – “Local Lager” launch party at the Guelph Curling Club, free food and FREE BEER, starting at 4pm. RSVP Helmuth Slisarenko
  • Friday, September 1 – NO ROTARY MEETING (Labour Day weekend)
  • Monday, September 18 – Easy Come, Easy Go Investment Club dinner “meeting” at Elora Raceway, $25 per ticket from Joe Valeriote – all welcome
  • Saturday, September 23 – One day District Conference, “Peace Through Music”, at the Living Arts Centre Mississauga. Online registration.
  • Saturday, September 30 – Lobsterfest annual dinner/dance/auction – tickets $85 from Rosemary Clark

Head Table:

Paul Dredge, Rosemary Clark, Beverly Trist-Stewart, Darlene Carpenter, Kathi Dick, President Marty Fairbairn.

Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

Alice Moore–  Guest of Ab

Hazel Dickie– Guelph South

Kathi Dick– Cambridge North and District Governor

Darlene Carpenter– Guelph Trillium

Timothy Whitehead– Mississauga (and partner of our DG Kathi)


There is no meeting on September 1st and the meeting on the 25th of this month is at Ribfest at Riverside Park. It’s a regular meeting for us as well as lending support to Guelph Trillium.

Don’t forget the official launch of Rotary Beer at the Curling Club on Wednesday, August 30th.  Start time? Maybe around  5pm or so?

After a somewhat convoluted preamble, Bev Trist Stewart announced that there will likely be a BBQ/picnic at Bob Ireland’s, sometime in September. Stay tuned, for there is more to come on this one!

Ab Moore’s went back to Lobsterfest of last year when he bid on a ride in a World War I fighter plane, or rather a replica of one. It was similar to the Sopwith Camel and Ab had a seat in the rear gunner’s cockpit. It was the ride of a lifetime, says Ab, and he urged those of us who come to Lobsterfest this year to bid for a ride if such is available.

Sue Ricketts reeled off a list of birthdays which were occurring in her family in the month of August and noted that this time of year was the “poor time” for her. All in a good cause, Sue.

Sergeant at Arms:

Sarge Bev has discovered a non-alcoholic way to get friends to sit around and talk about their lives  with one another. What this discovery was , Bev did not reveal. Somehow, the talk got around to Rosemary’s birthday, and then to Ruth Thatcher’s, but you won’t find any numbers here!

50/50 Winner

The 50:50 Draw was won by Hal Jackson.

Rotary Birthdays

Rosemary Clark– August 16th

Rotary Anniversaries

Ron Newton joined our club in 2003 but had served with the Etobicoke club for 20 years and the Armour Heights club for  30 years, for a total of 64 years!! There were a couple of Presidential terms during that time as well as other areas of responsibility.


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