Our club is working to re-ignite the Vocational Service of members by partnering with the Career Education Council. Help spread the word about this opportunity: the CEC is currently seeking employers who are interested in hosting a 14-week virtual employment placement for participants in marketing, communications and administration, paid for by the CEC (similar structure to Canada Summer Jobs). 
Connect-Ed Working Circles is a virtual training and incentive program run by the Career Education Council based in Guelph, Ontario.
Over the course of 5-weeks, the CEC's experienced trainers run youth (15-30 yrs old) through job preparedness skills training related to entry-level work in communications, administration, marketing, and content creation. Following their training, the CEC facilitates job placements for youth in these respective fields. CEC is grateful to be funded by the Federal Government Youth Employment and Skills Strategy grant which allows CEC the opportunity to pay these youth for their training and reimburse placement employers for their wages up to roughly $17hr/35hrs a week/for 10-14 weeks. 
The 10 participants shown in the chart below are available for employment from the first week of December 2022. Interested employers should fill out the online application and feel free to follow up with CEC for more information. 
Sadia Batool
Project Manager - CEWC
Success & Employment Coach
Career Education Council
W: (519) 827-6468 x 105​
C: (226) 272-5132
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