December 18, 2020
Each Christmas, our talented Rotarian, Murray Taylor, delights us with a newly penned Christmas poem, relevant to the times. Here is his Christmas 2020 version.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!
‘Twas the night before Christmas; somewhere in each house
A family was ZOOMING with the click of a mouse. 
“Hi Gramma, hi Grampa, how we WISH you were here!
Ohhh... you’re breaking up Grampa. Your PICTURE’s not clear.”
“Okay, THAT’s much better. You were gone for awhile.
HEY, thanks for my SWEATER, now I’m really in style.” 
“Those extra long ARMS must have cost you a lot.
Not really the latest, but what COUNTS is the THOUGHT.”
“Oh Gramma, we MISS you............. Darn, the screen’s gone AGAIN!
We’d communicate BETTER with paper and pen!”
“This COULD drive me crazy... Oh... I can SEE you again.
Now if we just had SOUND, we could TALK now and then”  
“Heeey, THAT’s a lot better; you’re BACK, loud and clear.
This Zooming sure DOES make me wish you were HERE.”  
“Or we were with YOU - maybe stuffing a bird.
A DIGITAL Christmas is kind of absurd.”
“It’s okay for BUSINESS, it beats nothing at all,
And even for ROTARY, since we can’t use the hall.”
“Anyway Gram, has Uncle Bill called
To wish you HIS best? Is he still going BALD?”
“He talked of a transplant, or was THAT just in jest?
He’s so FUNNY at Christmas in his polka dot vest.”
“What’s that? Are we letting this plague get US down?
Well... maybe a little, since we’re STUCK here in town!”
“But, we still get to SEE you, thanks to FaceTime and Zoom...
…………DAMN, you’ve cut out again! ….. Maybe try another ROOM.”
“Are you there? Can you hear us? THERE you are...... oh shoot
Now we can SEE you, but you must have pressed MUTE.”
“Tell you what, IF you hear me, we’ll Zoom next when WE
Have better reception - Or YOU’VE got 5G.”
“‘Til then Gramps, stay healthy, this Covid is mean
We don’t want to lose you, now we’ve got FREE vaccine.”