New Rotary President Tracey Curtis welcomed Rotarians to her inaugural meeting of the Club on July 3, 2020. She reminded everyone that she was wearing the 1957 vintage Rotary medal. Donated by member Ab Moore to Past President Carolyn Weatherson (2019-2020), it is worn as a symbol of office for the new president each year. To open the meeting, Tracey chose the beautiful trumpet music of Oh Canada by William Leathers of Mississauga, a 2020 graduate of the Juilliard School (of music) in New York City. (see You Tube for more details).
NEW ROTARY MEMBER WELCOME FELIX ARNDT. Tom Funk introduced new member Felix Arndt who came to Guelph from Berlin, Germany and is the John F Wood Chair in Entrepreneurship in the Department of Management, at the Gordon S. Lang, School of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. Felix also holds positions as a Research Fellow at the Center for Business and Sports of the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Agder, Norway. He has purchased a home in Guelph and plans to be married soon. Felix is active in sports and gymnastics, and has been a coach and international judge for Dragon Boat racing. Welcome, Felix, as the newest member of the Rotary Club of Guelph.
CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS Gary Stewart, July 4; Paul Taylor, July 4; Randy Seager, July 5; and Sharon Rice, July 6 HAPPY BUCKS Sean Yo thanked Tracey for being President. Sue Ricketts thanked everyone for their support, and in particular, Joanna and Luisa, as she prepares for surgery in the future. Best of luck, Sue! Helmuth Slisarenko was grateful for the support of Local Lager by past president Carolyn, but as she was not using the proper beer glasses he dropped off a pack of six glasses for future. By the way, Helmuth has the six-pack of glasses for the rock bottom price of $20. That’s a deal! Cyndy Forsyth was happy to have so much help from Terrie Jarvis in writing the proposal for the services network for the Hub. Marva Wisdom was happy and thanked Terri Jarvis for all of the great work she does for Rotary and who is always there for Rotarians in need of a helping hand. THANKS TERRIE. Crista Remer was happy for the donations made by Rotarians for Canada Day, and although it was held digitally, for the support of the community leaders, Rotary was still part of it.
SURPRISE GIFT FOR TRACEY Early this morning a mysterious gift box was delivered to Tracey’s door which she opened at today’s meeting. The unknown donor was none other than Helmuth who provides a gift for each new president as she/he takes office as a token of good luck for their year as president. Thanks for the beautiful cutting board, Helmuth.
GUEST SPEAKER President Tracey outlined her Rotary goals for 2020- 2021. Why did she join Rotary? On a trip to Africa several years ago she was talking with some Rotarians from Guelph and from their conversations she understood that Rotary was a very powerful organization and one she wanted to be part of. Shortly thereafter, sponsored by a past president, Jim Wadleigh, she joined Rotary. She is very grateful for her mentors, such as Charlie Whittaker, Clare Rennie, Don Parr and others. The Rotary Theme for this year is Take Care of Self, Each Other and the Planet. Our personal success depends on making smart choices, on having strong relationships and working on restoring and strengthening our environment. Tracey has served Rotary on a number of committees including co-chairing Canada Day, and wanting to serve in a leadership role, joined the board of directors in 2016. As a member over the years she has tried to have conversations with as many Rotarians as possible getting to know them on a more personal level. She has invited and was successful in having some of her best friends join Rotary. She finds that volunteering is a lot of very hard work while at the same time she cherishes the fellowship that goes along with it. How can Rotarians help each other? She challenges all Rotarians to reach out to at least one Rotarian every week. Watch out for volunteerism fatigue and do not volunteer for too many committees. Are Rotarians getting on ZOOM calls for meetings? Do they need help to sign in? GOALS An immediate goal for the Board of Directors will be to develop a Strategic Plan for the Club for the next three years. The mentorship program will be reinstated. New Rotarians will have a sponsor and in addition, a mentor will be assigned to look after their wellbeing in the Club. A Rotarian who resigned recently did not feel connected to Rotarians or the Rotary programs and project. This must not happen. President Tracey will meet with committee chairs and co-chairs re goals and plans for this year as well as three years into the future. She plans to encourage an increase in the relationship with The Rotary Foundation (TRF) of Rotary International.
IDEAS FOR FUNDRAISING Due to cancellation of many of our traditional programs and projects because of the COVID-19 pandemic, several Rotarians have volunteered to serve on a committee to develop ideas to raise funds for our Rotary commitments. Some ideas follow:  Centennial Gala  Car Rally  Way to thank sponsors without asking for donations  Partner with Guelph Wellington Club for the Duck Race  Community Baskets  Buy a Star Program  Rotary History Book  Not new but Sparkles in the Park needs more help on the committee  more ideas are welcome
PAUL HARRIS MEDALLION The 17th Paul Harris Medallion was presented in 1957 by TRF for a personal donation of $1000 by a Rotary member. This medal was purchased several years ago at a Flea Market by a friend who gave it to Club Member Ab Moore. Ab had it framed and it hung in the Moore home for a number of years. When the Centennial arrived, Ab made a generous donation of the medal to President Carolyn to be worn by her and future presidents of the Club as they hold office. Originally medallions were on a ribbon. This 67 year-old medallion now hangs on a chain.