June 8, 2021
Rotary expresses its heartfelt condolences to Muslim communities everywhere in the wake of the deadly attack hit-and-run attack on an innocent family, in London Ontario on Sunday evening, June 6, 2021. Words fail us.
Our friends at the Muslim Society of Guelph are planting a memorial garden to remember the London family, and also in support of all other victims of Islamaphobia. They welcome the donation of plants. Donations are also welcome for the MSOG's Antiracism Resource Fund to help combat racism and Islamophobia and maintain the memorial garden. 
Speaking on behalf of our Rotary Club's Peace Building Committee, our member Nisha Chandran said this:
Speaking on behalf of the newly formed Peace Building Committee within our club, wherein we are trying to set the course towards peace and tolerance, I feel ironic that the first address I make here to you all is regarding hate and violence. I am sure by now you all are aware of the tragedy that occurred in London, where a family of the Muslim faith were targeted and killed in an act stemming from hatred and discrimination.
This act has left 9-year-old Fayez without his parents, sister, and grandmother. This unthinkable tragedy hits very close to home for me and in my heart I know that this is not the Canada we all call home. Such acts of anti-Muslim -Asian, -Black, and -Indigenous racism and violence have no place in Canada – not in our communities, workplaces, schools, and health care systems.

There is much work to be done in Canada to acknowledge the impact of racism and to dismantle it in our organizations, institutions, and communities. We are the ones who must do this work and make this change happen.