August 9, 2021
For over 30 years, the Rotary Club of Guelph Wellington ('the Monday night club') has entertained Guelphites and generously fundraised for the community with their annual Duck Race, traditionally held on Canada Day at Riverside Park and dropping almost 4,000 numbered yellow duckies into the Speed River, with great cheers and prizes. It's a sight to see!
This Covid year, for the second in a row, the Duck Race organizers ran a 'virtual' Duck Race. It ended up being a huge success.
The astonished and grateful volunteers from Food4Kids Guelph (a Rotary-inspired charity) were thrilled to receive $26,300 from the 2021 Duck Race to help feed local children. 
In thanking the Guelph Wellington Rotarians, Terrie Jarvis explained how Food4Kids is now supporting 360 Guelph children each and every week, as their families struggle to make ends meet and they often lack sufficient food at home. Each child is supported to the tune of $15 per week, so the program now costs the charity about $26,000 a month - a huge undertaking for its volunteers and fundraising. The welcome contribution from the Duck Race will support the program for an entire month - a very big deal and relief for this charity.
Thank you, Duck Race Team and members of the Rotary Club of Guelph Wellington, and all their Duck Race sponsors and supporters! 
Service Above Self is the Rotary motto, well delivered here!