Grant Gammie died peacefully on December 31, 2022 in his 101st year. He was a member of our Rotary Club for 43 years, from 1976 to 2019, and an active member delivering Service Above Self until he resigned due to health reasons one month shy of his 97th birthday.
The following information was provided by our longstanding club secretary, Kerry Johnson, who dug into our club archives.
Grant modified his Rotary classification a bit over the years, from Agriculture-Feed Lot Operator, to Agriculture-Consultant, and eventually just Agriculture.
During his decades with Rotary, he served on many committees, several times each. He faithfully helped out each year with the park setup for Sparkles In The Park, and fashioned various fixes for items used in the park. To this day, some of those items are still in use for Sparkles. He also worked on committees and fundraisers such as Travelogue, Riverboat, Rural Urban, Fireworks, Freezer Meats, Christmas Trees, Environment, and Canada Day. He was a dependable volunteer at almost every Rotary event. 
Travelogue involved slide/movie presentations at John F Ross High School and another High School, and those interested in travelling to the various countries and vacation areas featured paid an entrance fee to attend the presentations.
Rural Urban was a committee to enhance the 4-H program in Wellington County and Province of Ontario, both financially and actively, to encourage the involvement of urban as well as rural youth through the 4-H organization.