April 8, 2021
Food4Kids Guelph is excited that Royal City Nursery is offering a generous donation to the charity from the sale of beautiful hanging baskets in time for Mother's Day on May 9, 2021. 
What a great way to recognize and thank the Moms in your family, while also helping local children in need, and supporting a precious local business!
Quantities are limited so order soon. Orders can be picked up from the Royal City Nursery parking lot on May 6th and 7th, in a safe COVID-19 style with Food4Kids volunteers bringing items right to your car. 
Our Food4Kids Guelph charity aims to “close the weekend food gap” for needy children in our community by addressing this particular problem:
Some children, living in families that are struggling to make ends meet, experience severe food-insecurity in their homes. These children greatly benefit from getting free food at school Monday to Friday through breakfast and snack programs, but then struggle without adequate food at home on weekends. Their schools know which students experience this issue, offer our free program to their families, and let our charity know. We then pack weekend food bags for those kids to take home with them from school on a Friday …  sending an individual food bag for each child in the home aged 1-14.  
When this “weekend food gap” issue was brought to the attention of Rotary Clubs in Guelph three years ago, we were frankly shocked to learn that a fairly well-off community like Guelph has children going hungry. And when the four Rotary Clubs of Guelph discovered that no other organization was supporting local kids with weekend food, we jointly decided that something had to be done about it, and this has led to the present-day Food4Kids Guelph charity. 
Currently, Food4Kids Guelph is supporting 325 children a week in collaboration with 22 different elementary schools and we are still growing … even more since COVID hardships  tipped many more families over the brink into severe food insecurity, causing the number of children in our program to grow by 60% since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.  
While schools are closed due to COVID, and also during school holidays, we provide grocery gift cards to the families in our program, to help them purchase food.
We raise all our own funds through donations and fundraisers and are 100% volunteer-run, so all donations go directly towards the program.