March 21, 2021
Once again, a happy crew of artists followed Ben McCarl's step-by-step instructions for another virtual paint night on Sunday evening on March 21. The subject this time was a sweet giraffe dreaming of spring. And what beautiful creations were produced! Well done, everyone. And thank you, Ben.
Participants provide their own materials to paint this giraffe:
  • Canvas 12” x 16” or whatever size you want 
  • 5 colours of acrylic paint (red, blue, yellow, white and black)
  • Large flat brush - 1/2" or larger 
  • Small flat brush - 1/4" or smaller 
  • Pallet to mix paints on
  • Bowl of water 
  • Paper towels 
  • Fine marker to sign the painting




  1. Building of physical spaces transformed into safe and supportive environments for youth.
  2. Implementation of integrated spaces/services that are desperately needed to offer guidance and relief.
  3. Technology: A ‘front’ door that youth can step through to access the care that they need from the qualified staff of over 30 organizations.
  4. A sense of belonging and the opportunity for meaningful relationships.
  5. A safe space to hang out.
  6. Positive, youth targeted programming to develop confidence and skills needed to succeed.