The 2023 Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) in our District had an extra-special participant in our youngest club member, Aiden Harris. Based on his great experience, Aidan is determined to champion RYLA in future and perhaps even volunteer as a RYLA facilitator as a way of giving back.  
RYLA is an intensive training program that brings together young adults to further develop character and leadership skills and learn about Rotary. It is a four day residential program where participants are sponsored by different Rotary Clubs in our District. 
Our Rotary Club of Guelph luckily had the perfect candidate in-house - our youngest member, Aidan Harris, who is a full time Master's student at UofG as well as being a full and active member of our club. Aidan jumped at the chance to be our candidate at this leadership development program. 
When Aidan provided a full report-back to our club after attending RYLA, he said that of the 16 participants, at least 10 had little knowledge of Rotary beforehand, and he was the only participant (besides the organizers) who was actually a Rotarian already. He was therefore in a good position to both gain from and give back to this event.
"Most of the sponsored candidates already show some sort of leadership in their communities," added Aidan, "They are ideal candidates to become future Rotarians. That's why I think RYLA is a great opportunity for building the next generation of leaders, and I want to continue supporting it."