Classification Talk - Domingo Perez Bernal


Bulletin 19 July 2019

  • Kara Perez, wife of Domingo Bernal
  • Jacob Ginter, friend of Domingo Bernal
  • Robert Turner, guest of Jim Fryett
  • Braden Lunnen, guest of Irene Szabo
Brian Martin shared his excitement in achieving his Black Belt in Karate
Sean Yo mentioned his in-laws 50th anniversary, how local hockey players are asking for Dan Vitale to join the Wednesday night hockey games and that he just confirmed the site contract for next year’s Hockey
Paul Dredge was pleased to share that his mother-in-law is out of the hospital this morning and was happy to present Ray Funnel and Bob Ireland with certificates of appreciation for their outstanding work over the years on Sparkles in the park.
Sergeant at Arms – Too Good to Be True Fines
  • Paul Dredge
  • Peter McSherry
  • Murray Taylor
Speaker Summary
Speaker: Domingo Perez Bernal
Introduced by his club sponsor Sue Ricketts,Domingo held his fellow Rotary members riveted with his early life story in Nebaj, Guatemala. 
He showed us the one and only tool in their hut. Always on the floor, near to hand - his machete.
That story included the moment in 1982 (37 years ago today) when guerillas invaded his village, forcing his family to flee into the mountains.  He shared the frightening vision of the family forced to hide beneath a fallen tree trunk overnight with bullets whizzing by them, keeping all the children quiet as they heard guerillas walking through the area searching for any remaining villagers left alive.  Finally, the phrase he will remember forever “there’s no one left here” and the guerillas departed.
After his father joinied the army, Domingo was able to attend a school that had a teacher two days a week.  Even though this teacher was rough with the children, it sparked something in him.  His second-grade teacher opened so many doors for him, believing in Domingo’s obvious skills.  At 14, he set out on his own to pursue his schooling when it was obvious that his parents would not or could not support such a move.
Among his other adventures, Domingo spent 14 years in entrepreneurship, encouraging people to welcome opportunities without interference from other people’s restrictions.  At one point, he was told that a female missionary wanted to speak with him.  While he expected an older woman, he reported that this beautiful young woman entered the room and after speaking together for a while, he said to himself “that’s the woman I’m going to marry”.  And then he pointed Kara out to the Rotary group, that very same “beautiful woman”.
Domingo shared many wise words about the power of the human spirit and the need to provide everyone with opportunities.  As he said, “there is hope for every single person in the world to achieve their given talent”. 
Needless to say, his talk ended to thunderous applause and a standing ovation!  As Rosemary Clark said, we are truly lucky to have Domingo in our Rotary Club.
Rosemary Clark thanked Domingo for sharing his story with us.
President Carolyn Weatherson presented Domingo with his square badge.