Mar 09, 2021 7:00 PM
Beverley McLachlin, P.C. and Panel Discussion
The Challenges of Leadership Today

One of  the Rotary Club of Oakville's fundraising events is called the Speaker Series. Like many in person events we cancelled the 2020 version and are reintroducing it for 2021 in a virtual setting.

The theme is “The Challenges of Leadership Today” and our key note is “Beverley McLachlin, P.C. former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (and first woman Chief Justice). This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Sandra Pupatello, a former Ontario Cabinet Minister and includes Jennifer Jones, Windsor Ontario resident and President Elect for Rotary International .

Our primary beneficiary for this year’s event will be Indspire * and we will be hearing from Alana Roberts, one of Indspire’s success stories.

Participation in the Webinar is free – we hope to raise funds for Indspire and our other club causes through sponsorships and donations.

We think you might be interested in former Chief Justice McLachlin’s perspectives on leadership in particular and we would be very pleased if you and any of your friends and family could join us at 7:00 pm on Tuesday March 9, 2021.

Mike Henry, Rotary Club of Oakville

Indspire is a national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada.