Communicating in today's overloaded information environment
Nov 25, 2022 12:15 PM
Melissa Durrell, Communications Consultant
Communicating in today's overloaded information environment

Communicate with great storytelling 

Stories are the magic ingredient to all communications! We all tell stories to captivate our audiences. Learning what story to tell and when can be challenging. We will discuss how to harness storytelling to inspire action. From video to in-person presentations, learn from former award-winning journalist and professional storyteller Melissa Durrell.

Melissa Durrell is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Durrell Communications. She's known for her distinctive storytelling techniques honed at her former career as an award-winning Canadian broadcast journalist. She now uses her unique skill set to amplify changemakers through brand storytelling, media training, crisis communications, executive communications, public relations and media outreach.

Grounded in Waterloo and inspired by the innovative tech sector, Melissa works as an investment pitch coach at several organizations including the globally ranked #1 private business accelerator in Canada, the AC. That passion for working with entrepreneurs led her to launching her second company Roseview Global Incubator to work with international entrepreneurs looking to build, acquire, scale and expand their companies in Canada. Over the last decade, she has helped companies raise more than $500M.

Paying it forward from her own experiences, Melissa now advocates for more women’s voices in politics and business, organizing and speaking at various conferences. Serving as an elected official in Waterloo, Ontario City Council for two terms (2010-2018), her aggressive leadership style and “make it happen” attitude focused on urban issues, community building, and environmentally sustainable solutions. She has contributed to several boards including Women’s March Global (current), WCTWR (current), Waterloo Park Committee (current), Uptown BIA (Vice-Chair), Waterloo Library Board, Reep Green Solutions Board, Founder of the Z Film Festival, Founder of Open Streets Waterloo, KWAG Board