Top 10 Tips to Prepare YOU to Be an Executor
Feb 10, 2023 12:15 PM
Debbie Stanley, ETP Canada
Top 10 Tips to Prepare YOU to Be an Executor

In every life, it is so true that we will experience loss.  What adds difficulty to those losses is when we are not prepared, especially when we are the trusted executor for someone we love and respect.

Debbie Stanley has had a career of helping people.  From her time with RLB in supporting people on the financial side of estates to creating ETP Canada to addressing all aspects of Estate Administration, and even creating Executor Ready, an online course.  Debbie has been deeply involved in this community, from United Way's Leadership Program to Chalmers Community Services Centre and the Board of Guelph Independent Living.

Debbie's talk includes the kind of information that helps us avoid that tragic phrase, "I sure wish that I had known."