A Moment that We Have All Been Awaiting
Jun 09, 2023 12:15 PM
The Grove Hubs - Cyndy Dearden and Jeff Hoffman
A Moment that We Have All Been Awaiting

Rotarians are justifiably proud of the investments they have made in powerful and essential projects in the community. 

Some of our newer Rotarians have not yet been a part of such a big project. Luckily for us, a special milestone will unfold on June 9th at our club meeting at the ICC. The club's Charitable Foundation (called the RGC Fund) will be handing over a substantial financial donation to the newest Grove Hub being established on Woolwich Street and expected to open in Fall 2023. 

Rotary's work over the past few years has helped to make this moment possible. 

Please join us to share this celebration with Cyndy Dearden (fellow Rotarian) and Jeff Hoffman of The Grove Hubs, our own Marty Fairbairn (current chair of the RGC Fund) and a very special guest. Cyndy and Jeff will re-tell the story of Rotary's help in getting The Grove Hubs started, their current status, and future plans.