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Friday, September 8th, 2017

PROGRAM: Steve Vivieros


Steve Viveros at Rotary Club of Guelph

Speaker Introduction

Trevor Reid introduced his friend Steve Vivieros, Principal at Willow Road Public School, a dedicated educator, sportsman and family man whom he has known for many years.

Our speaker outlined his hopes for the future of his current school.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to share my story and let you know a little about my school and the wonderful people associated with it. As principal of Willow Rd. P.S. for the last five years, I have come to appreciate the diversity and caring people that reside in our community. At the same time, I have come to understand the challenges that our students and their families are presented with.

The families in our community are comprised of two main groups; new immigrants that have settled into our community as a transition to our city or country, and of families of low socioeconomic status. Within both of these groups are hardworking and caring families doing their best to raise resilient children. As you can imagine, financial hardship makes it more challenging to accomplish these goals and to provide opportunities for their children.

As a school we have worked diligently over the years to support families and help provide these opportunities for our students. A key project over the years has been to revamp our school yard and to provide a space that is not only fun and safe for our students during recess breaks, but an inviting location for our families outside of school hours. We have been successful in building a new kindergarten play space and an outdoor classroom. We are very proud of these accomplishments, however, have been challenged in reaching our final project goal. Our final phase

was the installation of a creative playground.


Willow Rd. P.S. is one of the few schools in our school board that does not have a creative playground. As you can imagine, this inequity is something that has been bothersome for some time now

and is difficult to accept. Our students would really benefit from this play space for a number of reasons. Two key benefits would be the reduction of conflicts as students struggle to find activities to participate in, and this play space would also support physical activity. 

As a committee of community members who have attempted to raise funds for this project, we struggle to find funds that would support a project of this nature. We have successfully raised funds for the first two phases of our schoolyard revitalization, however, it is more challenging to fund funds for projects of this nature. 

A project of this nature has been overwhelming, however, I have been amazed as to how it has brought together our community and established a sense of pride and accomplishment for the committee members. I know that completing this third phase and completing a project of this nature, would continue to build the overall well being of our community. 

I want to thank you in advance for considering supporting our school and this particular project. Please feel free to connect with me personally if you have any questions.



Following the meeting’s opening, a Toast was raised to Newt Clayton, Rotarian for decades and all-around great guy who passed away during the week. Newt received a life-time membership in our club some years back in recognition of his many years of service to Rotary at the suggestion of Jim Runions. This was followed by a moment of silent reflection for all those fine Rotarians who we have lost this year.

Following lunch, the President thanked our Greeter, Steve Irvine, who introduced our guest Scott Brubacher, son of John, who is looking at joining Rotary, with a nod to our visiting member Randy Seager.

Head Table:

Joanne McAuley

Karen Whylie

Andrea Groenewald

Steve Viveiros

Trevor Reid

Marty Fairbairn


Bob Ireland gives eulogy at Guelph Rotary

Rotary Eulogy to Newton William Clayton by Rotarian Bob Ireland

My good friend, business colleague and fellow Rotarian Newt Clayton passed away on Sunday September 3rd at the age of 92 years. Newt was probably about 25 years old when he started his business as a sheet metal worker. I remember I was very young when I first met him and would always respectfully call him “Mr. Clayton”. Several years later when I was 25 years old and had started up business, I called upon N.W. Clayton to see if I could supply any machining work they might need and we did business!! I did his machine work and he supplied us with metal fabricating.

Newt had joined Rotary in 1966 and I joined in 1981. On the social side, through Rotary we became good friends.

Newt was very gifted in working with his hands and I remember the time we were selling tickets for the first Dream Home and he decided to build a full sized shed to look exactly like the dream home. That year we had it in the Santa Claus Parade. Through the years he rebuilt it many times so that Rotary used that shed for Sparkles in the Park for 22 years.

Newt’s gifts to Rotary were numerous. When you would ask him to do a job, it was done – to sell tickets or give a monetary gift, Newt was always willing.

His philanthropy in this community was outstanding. Some of the charities he supported were: The Dialysis Clinic, hospital funding, Sunrise Equestrian Centre, United Way and Hospice Wellington. Those are just a few that Newt and Margarite gave so generously to.

When his eyesight and hearing were failing, it was difficult for him to attend Rotary meetings but about three months ago he was so thrilled and honoured to receive his recognition.

As an outstanding person his whole life would exemplify our Four Way test.


  1. Randy Wilson reminded members that volunteers are still needed for Lobsterfest on the 30th of the month.
  2. Louisa del Rosario thanked the team for working so well on Lobsterfest and then announced that a Global Grant for Cameroon has been awarded in the amount of approximately $65,000.
  3. Andrea Groenewald auctioned 2 tickets for the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival which Rotarian     Chris Willard couldn’t use. They were scooped up by Sue Ricketts.

Next week’s meeting is at Cutten Fields due to Festival Italiano.

  1. Helmut Sliserenko had a sad and a happy buck – sad because there’s no more free beer and happy because he believes that Rotary Local Lager will be a million dollar fundraiser for Rotary.
  2. Randy Seager announced that his daughter who has been a nurse at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto has decided to go back to school and thus will be back on the family payroll for a time.
  3. Steve Irvin was pleased to announce that he saw Shelter Box on one of the American networks being mentioned for what they are doing in the Carribean and Texas following the hurricanes there.

50/50 Winner

The 50:50 Draw was won by Andrea Groenewald.

Rotary Birthdays

Graham Knowles [whose birthday we missed due to beer] August 20th

Paul Pennock September 4th

K.C. Tam September 5th

Rotary Anniversaries

Jane Armstrong August 25th 22 years

John Bradley August 29th 58 years

Paul Taylor September 1 25 years

Rick Le Feuvre September 4th 2 years

Carl Jadeski September 6th 43 years

For a total of 150 years, and that’s just Paul Taylor!


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