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September 15, 2017

The meeting was held at Cutten Fields because the ICC was otherwise occupied.


Speaker Carolyn Weatherson

Karen Whylie looking for stars

A couple of years gao we struck a Centennial Committee which was tasked with identifying a project to honour our 100th anniversary. A call for proposals generated some 20 ideas, four of which were built around the Rotary Forest at the Guelph  Lake Conservation Area, including also the GRCA.

Our Centennial Committee co-chairs, Carolyn Weatherson and Jim MacKenzie introduced the elements of our project, which revolves around the Rotary Forest and includes the GCRA. The Rotary Club of Guelph Charitable Foundation has committed funding of $500,000 of the planned $600,000, with the remaining $100,000 to be raised between now and 2020.

An 8,000 square foot community room will be sponsored in the planned rebuild of the Nature Center which is now not up to snuff. In the forest, trails will be built because Guelph is a hiking community and the plan is to make some all-weather trails which will be usable in the winter. Walter Stachnyk came up with the idea of linking an existing trail which goes from Woodlawn Road to Victoria Road and which was built in the 1980’s by Rotarians, to the new Rotary forest trail.

Another part of the Centennial Project was proposed by Bill Stevens and it was presented by Rick Burke, a past president of the Kitchener-Waterloo chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. This will be a planetarium and observatory at the Guelph Lake Nature Centre and  will include a high-powered telescope for use by students and star gazers alike.. The planetarium will be inflatable and so can be used off-site at schools and other sites.

To whet our appetites for astronomy, Rick showed a number of stunning images of planets and galaxies which are out there waiting to be looked at! Who knows—someone in Guelph might discover a new star or planet!


Head Table:

Laurie Jones

Carolyn Weatherson

Jim MacKenzie

President Marty Fairbairn



Randy Wilson is asking for volunteers to work at Lobsterfest. He needs people for set-up, cooking and preparation and other tasks. If you can help, contact Randy.

Joe Valeriote says it is still possible  to join the Easy Come-Easy Go investment  club but there are only 2 tickets left and the event is Monday night, the 17th, so by the time you read this, it will all be said and done. (It’s reported here  only to let you know what went on!)

Rosemary Clark says that  there is a looming shortage of Lobsterfest tickets. Get them while you still can. She is also looking for more wine for the wheelbarrow as well as for beer forthe other wheelbarrow which will contain our own” Rotary Local Lager”.. Rosemary  also wants people to assist with the auction items. Let her know if you can assist with any of these tasks.


Reny Pietrobon told us that Andrea Groenewald had become a member of a very exclusive club, having made a hole in one a few days ago but we at the meeting were not treated to a free beer.

Clay Switzer told about attending the wedding of his oldest grandson in Brooklyn. Both bride and groom are  electrical and computing engineers and 2 days after the wedding  they left on bicycles , heading across North America, then on to Hawaii and then up through Japan. Clay suggested that they might have lined up a job before they left but grandson said, “They’ll be waiting for us with open arms”. (Oh, for the benefits of an education in the right field!)

Andrea Groenewald  thanked Rene for acknowledging her hole in one and told us that Rene had two to his credit.. She told us of a big event at her church where Mahmoud set up a big chess game like the one at Canada Day

John Wood’s daughter Susan put in 50 bucks to celebrate her parents’ 50 th wedding anniversary.  (John was a member of this club some years ago). Then she and her sister added more bucks for Lobsterfest!


50/50 Winner

There was no 50/50 draw.

Rotary Birthdays

Anne Pennock

Jim Anderson

Bonnie Evans.

Rotary Anniversaries

Jane Armstrong August 25th 22 years

John Bradley August 29th 58 years

Paul Taylor September 1 25 years

Rick Le Feuvre September 4th 2 years

Carl Jadeski September 6th 43 years

For a total of 150 years, and that’s just Paul Taylor!

New Member

President Marty introduced Eric MacDougall who was about to be inducted as a new member. Eric is from Etobicoke, is married and has 2 daughters. He’s a graduate of York University, a hockey fan, employed by McCormick (the spice people) and also works sometimes as a cameraman for Rogers Cable.


Closing the meeting, President Marty asked the members of the Centennial Committee to stand and be recognized, which they were with a well-deserved round of applause.


All the photos from the day

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