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October 20, 2017

President Marty welcomed everyone to our Friday meeting.  He proposed a toast to Rotary International and all their efforts around the world.


Welcoming Guests:

John Lawrence – Chatham Club

Jennifer Kerr – guest of Program Comittee

Andreanne Simard – guest of Program Comittee

Evelyn Gammie – guest of Grant Gammie

Speaker Introduction: 


Richard Broadwith introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Andreanna Simard, who is at Nestle Waters Canada and is responsible for the security of the H2O level resources, keep them sustainable and investigation of new springs and wells.

Andreanna has been with Nestle for 10 years and has her BSC (geoenvironmental engineering ) and her MSc and Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

Guest speaker Adreanna Simard of Nestle Waters

Guest speaker Adreanna Simard of Nestle Waters

She began her presentation by stating that she wanted to address inaccuracies from media reports and update our club on Nestle Waters.

The property that Nestle currently owns in Aberfoyle was originally a fish farm and then became Aberfoyle Springs bottling factory and the first well was drilled in 1980.

Nestle bought the company in 2000 and now has approximately 400 employees, of which 300 are located in Guelph.  They have 2 PTTWs in Ontario – 1 for Aberfoyle and another permit for Erin.

They have been collecting data for the past 16 years to ensure that the groundwater is not impacted and that the wells are sustainable.

Their data (which is available on their website) shows no negative impacts on groundwater resource or the surrounding ecosystem.  They have a very robust monitoring system and they share all the data with the municipality and the township.  Andreanne lives in Puslinch and also has her own well.

At the Aberfoyle location – the monitoring system measures 82 data points at 51 locations.

At the Erin location – the monitoring system has 50 data monitoring points at 33 locations.  Nestle owns 200 acres at the Erin location which was originally drilled in 1988 and bought by Nestle in 2000 as a satellite source.

Nestle’s PTTWS (2 permits) represent only 0.6% of the water permit volumes in the Grand River Watershed.  Golf courses in the area use twice this amount of water.

Currently, the PTTWS permits are under the renewal process and they remain in effect until the MOECC makes a decision on their renewal applications.  There are now new procedural technical requirements that are very thorough and Nestle has hours at their community office for communication with the public.

Transparency is very important to the company which is why their data is available on the website.  Nestle is also required to submit annual reports to MOECC and these are also available on their website.

Andreanna then described the background regarding the Middlebrook property that had been for sale for 10 years.  Nestle approached the township first but the township indicated at that time that it had no interest in the property.  So Nestle initiated an agreement with the owner based on 3 aquifer tests which determine potential sustainability.  They applied to do a “pump”  (stress) test which is a normal scientific exercise but then the MOECC imposed a moratorium and the pump test is included in the moratorium.

Kithio Mwanzia thanks speaker and presents her with a certificate of appreciation.

Kithio Mwanzia thanks speaker and presents her with a certificate of appreciation.


Nestle was then notified that there was an anonymous bid on the well and had no idea that it was the township which earlier had expressed no interest in the well property.

Nestle then tried to work with the township and offered to give the well to the township and purchase the H2O from the township.  Nestle owns the Middlebrook well but it is of no use until the moratorium is lifted.

Andreanna and Jennifer responded to several questions from the audience and then she was thanked by Kithio who commented on her presentation that was very focused on facts.

Nestle was also thanked for their sponsorship of our Canada Day event and also for their community hours and fundraising that they provide in our community.


Head Table:

Kithio Mwanzia

Jennifer Kerr

Jan Jofriet

Andreanne Simard

Richard Broadwith

President Marty



Jim MacKenzie made a “non curling announcement” on behalf of the Centennial Committee. Jim just happened to mention that in 2020 our 1st Centennial event will be the Rotary Pan-Am Curling event!

Jim asked the club members for their assistance for events – he is looking for help with the fundraising as they need to raise $100K for the events.

Please contact Jim if you can help

Ray Funnell made a few words about Jim Runions who passed away on Wednesday.  Jim joined our club in 1968 and was club president 1976-77.  Jim was an OAC ’55 grad and was a quiet distinct man.  Although he ran his own law practice he served as City Solicitor for many years.  Jim’s Visitation and service info will be emailed out to the club members.


Tim Mau gave a few happy bucks after his 2 weeks in Asia where the temperature was 35 degrees C and humidity of 90%.

Dave Latrielle gave Happy bucks for the great day last Friday when the commemoration was held in honour of Clare Rennie at the Rotary Forest.

Paul Dredge gave some happy bucks as he recently presented the Rotary awards at the College Heights convocation.  He was pleased to present the $2000 Don Bower award as well and mentioned that he met Jason – Don Bower’s grandson.

Ab Moore gave a few sad bucks and drew the club members’ attention to the serious situation occurring in Cameroon over the past month.  There has been extensive military action in the 2 Anglophone regions which is a disaster for the local residents.  The current rotary projects are stalled as the schools are closed.  Ab had written a letter to our local MP Lloyd Longfield asking what the Canadian government is doing about this sad situation.

Chris Willard gave some Happy bucks for several reasons – he had camera control today (selfie!) and October 26th is his wedding anniversary.  He couldn’t remember the number of years married but thought he deserved points for remembering the date!  His youngest daughter just passed her G2 license and saved and bought herself a 2007 Yaris.  His oldest daughter was selected as “Miss Alpine Club” for the 2017 Oktoberfest.

Sharon Rice gave some happy bills as she just completed a Maritime trip and covered 4947.6 km .  Sharon mentioned that the highlight of the trip was a 7 course meal at Chef Michael Smith’s Inn.

Sgt at Arms:  Beverley fined everyone in the room who had a gold star stuck on their chair – much $$$ was raised…….(I thought editors were exempt while taking notes???)


50/50 Winner

President Marty but he asked Andreanne to draw again

– darned if I can remember who the final winner was…

Rotary Birthdays

Trevor Lee – October 15th

Joanne McCauley – October 15th

Jasmine Urisk – October 17th

Joe Valeriote – October 18th

Walter Stachnyk October 20th

Rotary Anniversaries

Grant Gammie – October 15th, 41 years

Diane Spratt – October 16th, 20 years

Paul Dredge – October 18th, 21 years



Dave Latreille

Dave Latreille

Ray Funnell remembering Jim Runions

Ray Funnell remembering Jim Runions

Tim Mau

Tim Mau

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