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November 17, 2017


Acting President Paul Dredge led the opening ceremonies included a toast to the Rotarians who have served our club so well and have passed away this past year.


Margaret Trainor – London ON North club

McKenna MacKenzie Taylor, granddaughter of Jim MacKenzie – Breslau ON

Sergeant at Arms

Bev Trist-Stewart was saddened as she watched Ruth Thatcher do her shake-down routine to sell tickets for the Christmas lunch. Fifteen tickets were sold after she threatened to open sales to the public. The following individuals were fined because of their excuses for not buying today:

KC Tam – Held up his camera as an excuse not to buy. No time.

Michelle Richardson – Said she’d get money and walked away.

Carolyn Weatherson – Said she wasn’t coming.

Graham Knowles – refused to buy.

Hal Jackson – Made 3 excuses which the Sargent couldn’t remember so she fined him anyway.

Joe Valeriote – Fined because he wore that pink shirt again

Everyone wearing purple was fined just because.

Trevor Lee – After the Sargent explained how other clubs give donation receipts rather like coffee cards which get punched when a fine is paid, in order to get a receipt when a certain level of donations is given, Trevor was fined because he didn’t understand what “chits” are.

Youth At Risk Committee – What do they do?

Paul Dredge took some time to inform us about this committee’s activities. It has been a challenging start for Youth At Rick as the new Chair, Wade Sandberg, had to step down so Pres. Marty decided that Paul would act as Chair for the remainder of the year.

An overview of what they have done & hope to do again:

For 15 years we have run a mentoring program at College Heights High School focusing on students that lacked a positive adult role model. We found the best match of role model and student where their interests and personality traits met. We took them to City Hall to meet the Mayor, to Linamar to tour some facilities, to the Church of Our Lady Cathedral, to the Breslau Airport thanks to Behind the Scenes to see a hangar, private planes and a Police helicopter. Now we are in the process of reviving the program. It requires mutual interest of the school and Rotary.

We scribe for needy students taking the EQAO literacy exam. Students must pass to graduate and we work one on one with them the morning of the exam.  This is an ongoing program. We have worked with the City Police Services to put on an anti-bullying program called Rachel’s Challenge”.

We provide $1,000 scholarships to every high school in the city. They are split into two or three awards and given recipients are determined by the school. We provide a $2,000 Don Bower Memorial award to honour a student who has overcome challenges and persevered to graduate. The purpose of the money is to go toward tuition or “tools of the trade” requirements of an apprenticeship.

New Requests

Food for Kids – Evolved from the Starfish program being run primarily in Western Canada. After careful research of current programs and community needs this program is seen as a better fit and is being led by Terrie Jarvis and Jaya James. The other local Rotary clubs are also looking to help out making it a true Rotary project.

There are two or three other projects seeking our support but it is too preliminary to take time today. For those on the Youth At Risk committee, we will be having a meeting Friday Dec 15th at 11 AM at the ICC.

Speaker Introduction:

At this point, Paul Taylor introduced our esteemed Treasurer, Trevor Lee, with a reminder that our last Treasurer, George Otterbein, always finished his reports with the statement “We are flush!”

Trevor Lee, who presented the Unaudited Financial Report which had been pre-approved by the Board along with a budget for the 2017/2018 year.  (link below 50/50 winner)

During the Q & A, the only question asked was why 2017 Lobsterfest is not included in this report? The answer is that the financial reports covers the period from July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 – our calendar year. Mr. Lee ended with “We are still flush!”

As the meeting wound down, our inexperienced President Elect tried to get away with not having our regular 50/50 draw. He was quickly corrected by a few eager members seeking to regain some of their fines.


Head Table:

Rosemary Clark

 Ian Smith

 Carolyn Weatheraon

 Trevor Lee

Paul Taylor

Paul Dredge



Paul Dredge – Crime Stoppers event “It Takes a Village” takes place in Fergus from 8:45 – 2:30 at Centre Wellington District High School in Fergus on Saturday 18 November. A one-day workshop to generate awareness of Human trafficking, child pornography, child exploitation, Cyber safety, At Risk Youth & how we can help.

Nanita Mohan – Xmas dinner tickets are on sale from our Fellowship committee for $35 each for 15 December. Don’t miss out as Ruth promises to start selling to the public any day now. She reminded us that the tickets are specially designed with Paul Taylor’s Santa stomach on them. Boy! Can Paul ever blush well!  

Bill Stephens – Paul Dredge is only on probation as President until he figures out the sound system< Bill was pleased to have attended a meeting at the University of Guelph where our own Bill Wingard received a School of Engineering award

Bill also proudly showed a cheque for $100,000 from the Estate of our late member Newt Clayton to go toward our club Foundation. He reminded us about Newt’s great service above self through The Rotary Club of Guelph. For the club’s 75th anniversary he helped raised $250,000 by selling the book “Gift of Wings” for Hospice Wellington and later gave a cheque to finance the dialysis unit beside Guelph General Hospital which is now named the Margaret & Newton Clayton Dialysis Unit.

Justin Funk – A very proud buck for his amazing daughter Isabelle who is blind, diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at age 9, sang Oh Canada in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre at 11 and now at the ripe old age of 12 began a 5 week term as a Page at Queen’s Park for the Ontario government. Grandpa Tom also added a donation on her behalf as he’s just as proud.

Jim MacKenzie – Gave a happy buck as he’s spending the day with granddaughter McKenna. He’s going to Scotland next week and thankfully made no mention of curling this time <☺

Ian Smith – Happy to be singing with the Rotary Chorus in Burlington at a 2:00 PM matinee this Saturday. The price is $75 and the proceeds will go to Polio Plus.

Richard Broadwith – Happy to be a Grandpa a 2nd time to Raven Valeriote who arrived at over 10 lbs.

Michelle Richardson – Gave a couple bucks to update us on her daughters. Middle daughter has just gotten engaged. Eldest daughter, Brittany is studying Optometry at University of Edinburgh while The youngest is attending University of Toronto where she is the Captain of the Rowing team. A very proud Mother

Helmut Sliserenko – Attended the Rotaract meeting held in the Brass Taps at U of G where he gave them information on the Rotary Local Lager now available. Despite the Brass Taps being a Sleeman brewery client, there were promises that they would try to get the Local served there. Thanks, our tireless salesman for Rotary causes.

Joe Valriote – Also added his happy buck for the arrival of his Grandchild Raven Valeriote.

50/50 Winner

Alan Jarvis

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