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November 10, 2017


Richard Broadwith introduced our speaker, Philip Craig. Richard had to choose his words carefully, because Phillip is his brother-in-law. Phillip is a professional actor, military historian and co-founder and

Phil Craig, a well-known historian, makes a 2nd WW presentation

Phil Craig, a well-known historian, makes a 2nd WW presentation

curator of the Georgina Military Museum in Keswick. He’s also co-founder and lead historian for Liberation Tours,(  a battlefield touring company. Phil has been studying military history since his teenage years and has been leading battlefield tours for over 10 years, where his combination of story-telling skills, knowledge and passion for history make the battles seem more real. Phil spoke to us, a riveting narrative of people, places and things about and related to WW II. Because of his skills, one could ‘see‘ the people and picture the places in one’s mind.

He has asked that his presentation stay within this meeting and not be available to anyone else. Bill Winegard thanked Phil for speaking to us and commented on war and its people, as only Bill can.

New Member

Carolyn Weatherson introduced Mike Schreiner as our newest member. Mike is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of the local Food Plus organization in Toronto which has won the Canadian Environment  Award for sustainable living. He has also won the Best of Toronto award for the best new environmental initiatives and was also awarded Citizens Bank of Canada Ethics  award for socially  responsible business. Mike was elected Leader of the Green Party of Ontario in 2009.

Mike is married to Sandy and they have 2 active daughters and the family is active in cycling gardening and volunteering, among other things. Carolyn met Mike at the Rotary Forest, surrounded by a number of people, and found it hard to believe he was a politician because he was covered in mud and had mud on his shovel.


Megan Adema – guest of Tracey McGrath

Alice Moore – Ab’s wife

Mike Schreiner – guest of Carolyn Weatherson

Visiting Rotarian Larry Armatage – Burlington


Sergeant at Arms.

Sgt. Bev got after the ICC ladies who serve us each Friday, for staying out in the back and shooting the breeze, so she fined them, but being magnanimous, she said they didn’t have to pay right away but could  do it later. Randy Seager came to their rescue and paid the fine for them.

Then the flood gates opened and Graham Knowles, Ranjit Singh, Ruth Thatcher, Bob Ireland, Carolyn Weatherson and Mike Schreiner were fined for various and sundry  things.( Welcome to Rotary, Mike!)

Head Table:

Lawrie Jones 

 David Van Veen

 Terry Van Dreumel

 Randy Seager

President Marty Fairbairn



Terrie Jarvis announced that the Christmas “Adopt a Family” initiative was being held again this year at the Christmas season. Last year 2,396 children received a personalized gift based on their needs and wishes. As part of the Adopt a Family program, families cannot apply themselves but are referred by a social worker who is already working with the family. We are being asked to help a family of 6; there are 4 children who are attending school. The family came as refugees and the father is now working.

Envelopes were on the tables into which we could place a donation to help make Christmas a little happier for this family.

Larry Armatage told us about a project of the Burlington club in support of Polio Plus. It’s “Harbourtown Sound”,a 100 men chorus which sings a cappella, and which has as one of its members, our own Ian Smith. On Sunday, November 26, at 2pm they will present the concert in the Burlington Performing Arts Centre (you can get home I time for the Grey Cup game) Tickets are $50, $25 of which is retained by our club for the Rotary Foundation; we also share in the sponsor funds, as well. Talk to Ian  Smith about tickets. The event email address is


Jim MacKenzie’s  was primarily about the Centennial Committee but he managed to sneak in some curling, also! He told us that Larry Armatage was involved in the Scotland-Canada tournament some years ago as a team captain. Jim corrected an item in a past Bulletin that said there would be Pan-Am curling as part of our Centennial celebrations; actually, there will be a Can-Am tournament since there are no curlers in Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina, etc. (The Bulletin apologizes, Jim)

50/50 Winner

David Van Veen

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