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Tom Funk introduced Karen Whylie for her classification talk today, by saying:

New member Karen introducedKaren joined our club in June 2017 with the classification Photography. She received her professional training from Ryerson and has been in the photography business for 20 years. She specializes in photos of people in their natural environment. Her work has been shown in a number of popular magazines including Chatelaine, MacLeans and Canadian Business. Also a lot of work for the CBC. Although much of her work is for corporate and institutional clients, she says she has probably done a million weddings and family portraits over her career. Since 2008, she has also taught photography at Guelph Humber and really enjoys this aspect of her work.


Karen proceeded to share her family background and professional experience in a warm and engaging way, with many interesting photos (of course!). She said that her catalogue of photos had grown to about 100,000 so she recently did a big sort out … and got it down to 95,000!

She’d also discovered that her grandfather, William Mol was a Lifetime Rotarian and her grandmother was a past-president of the Rotary Inner Wheel. She showed a photo of her grandma’s Rotary pins.

Karen was born in Jamaica and spent her early years there. Her mum was a physician (originally from Ireland) and served as the town doctor in Jamaica. Karen says she fondly remembers her young days in Jamaica where she could run free and enjoy swimming. They also visited Ireland frequently, where her grandfather was a headmaster.

In 1973 her family relocated to Toronto, with snow coming as a great shock to a child more used to sun and swimming in the sea. While they embraced life in Canada for its greater opportunities and enjoyed the different activities such as skating and skiing, etc., they continued to visit both Jamaica and Ireland to maintain close ties with family. Her family later moved from Toronto to Guelph to enjoy its slightly slower lifestyle and warm community spirit.Karen speech

Karen has a son, Cole, who is 9. She finds him very photogenic and loves capturing his special moments, especially when he clearly enjoys being in the water just as much as she always did as a child. It’s in the genes.

Karen lives in Guelph with Cole and her mum, who describes her main role these days as being “CEO of Cole”. 

On the professional side, Karen shared a number of photography assignments that stood out for her – and several that had earned awards. The projects ranged from photography for billboard campaigns to political campaigns, magazine articles, special events, and “A million weddings.”  She highlighted a particular photography assignment that was especially unique, when the former SHIFT magazine of Toronto hired her to visit and photograph a Neutrino Observatory in northern Ontario. It was so deep underground they had to take an elevator down-down-down in the dark, and the laboratory beneath was so ultra-clean there was a system of six showers to be taken before entering. The scientific work involved the detection of sub-atomic particles and dark matter … research that eventually earned those scientists a Nobel Prize. It was a remarkable experience for her as a photographer.

Karen is now contributing to the Rotary library of photos with gorgeous pictures from our events such as Sparkles in the Park, and Rotary Forest.

In summing up her work, Karen says “I photograph people in their environments.” She clearly loves her work, and her teaching of photography, and her photos are wonderful!


Jaya James thanked Karen for her wonderful presentation and voiced our collective delight that Karen is a member of our club!


New Member Induction: Andreanne Simard

Jim Fryett introduceInduction of Andreanne Simardd our new member, Andreanne Simard, with the classification of Natural Resources Management.You may recall Andreanne’s presentation to our club last fall as a representative of Nestlé Waters Canada where she is Natural Resources Manager, responsible for the security and supply of spring water. Her responsibilities also include the sustainable development of existing spring sources to ensure environmental and domestic receptors are protected. Furthermore, she is responsible for the investigation of new spring sources and associated resource valuation and due diligence for the future growth and sustainable development of Nestlé Waters Canada. She now brings more than ten years of professional experience to the role, having held senior positions in the consulting world. Her professional experience includes hydrological, hydrogeological and groundwater modeling project work in Canada and the United States. She has served clients in hydrology, water treatment, water resources and remediation. Her past responsibilities have included hydrogeological evaluations for a variety of water resource projects with an emphasis on groundwater flow and chemical transport modeling, aquifer test data analysis, source water vulnerability assessments, and water supply development.

Andreanne is originally from Quebec City and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geo-Environmental Engineering from Pennsylvania State University (PSU) as well as Master’s and PhD degrees from Michigan State University (MSU) College of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her research areas have focused on Hydrology, Water Resources and Groundwater Modeling with a PhD thesis entitled Predicting Groundwater Flow and Transport Using the Michigan Statewide Wellogic Database.

Andreanne is fluent in both English and French. On a personal note, she is married to a veterinarian at the Campbellville Animal Hospital, is mother of two daughters, 6 and 8 years old, who attend St-Rene-Goupil elementary school in Guelph. Home is an old farmhouse in Puslinch shared with two dogs, two cats, three chickens and one rooster. When she is not busy running around to kids’ activities, Andreanne loves to ski in winter and tend to her gardens in summer.

We are delighted to welcome Andreanne as a member of our club!



Sue welcomes guest

Greeter Sue Ricketts welcomed

Alice Moore

Head Table:

Jaya James

Jim Wadleigh

Ruth Thatcher

Karen Whylie

Tom Funk

Paul Dredge



  • Terrie speaksRanjit Singh confirmed that our planned Firesides are cancelled and will be re-scheduled. This is due to the flu epidemic, a particularly nasty strain that he himself had unfortunately experienced in the past weeks. He agreed it is wise to avoid visiting people’s homes and perhaps spreading it that way. Communications will be sent out once new dates are set.
  • Dave Latreille said that our fellow member Terry Van Dreumel generously provides live music entertainment for everyone to enjoy on Rotary Forest Days, refusing any honorarium despite being offered. As we all know, Terry sells Polio Plus Christmas cards every year as a fundraiser, so the Environment Committee has decided to donate $250 to Polio Plus in Terry’s name, as a token of sincere appreciation to him.


  • Terrie Jarvis mentioned that work is progressing well on the development of a new program called Food4Kids Guelph which will provide weekend food packs to the neediest of children. The program in Guelph will be a satellite operation of the registered charity Food4Kids Waterloo Wellington, in cooperation with THE SEED (a project of Guelph Community Health Centre), the local school boards, and with active support and start-up funding from all four Rotary Clubs in Guelph. She is very enthusiastic about this development, saying that the problem of severe food insecurity for children in our community is much more widespread than most of us realize.  



Happy Bucks

Karen Whylie contributed a Happy Buck for getting through her classification talk!



50/50 Winner

The 50/50 draw this week was won by Dan Benor


Rotary Anniversaries

Marty Fairbairn – 6 years

Justin Funk – 6 years

Liz Cooney – 10 years


Rotary Birthdays

Ron Newton – January 14

Dave Latreille – January 19

Tim Mau – January 19

Dave Latreille


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