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Today we enjoyed a double program.  KidsAbility reported on how they had used our club’s donation to pilot a very successful cooking program called Eat, Cook & Mingle for teens. Then we heard about Wally’s Place – a local family’s innovative solution to create a safe assisted-living space for five developmentally disabled people.

Jordan KidsAbility Ambassador




Charmaine Brown and Amanda Griffin thanked our club for the $10,000 donated to KidsAbility previously, and told how this funding had enabled them to pilot a new program last fall for teens called “Eat, Cook & Mingle”.  It’s a 10-week program enabling teens to learn basic cooking skills and make new friends in the process. The pilot was so successful that another 10-week program is being run in Guelph starting next week.

16 year old Jordan Tucker, this year’s KidsAbility Ambassador, introduced herself and explained her physical challenges resulting from a stroke at age two … not that it has stopped her from doing all sorts of fun stuff. She loved the fun and food in “Eat, Cook & Mingle” and definitely plans to attend again.


Paul Truex thanked the KidsAbility representatives for updating us today, and was happy to present a $10,000 cheque towards the KidsAbility Capital Fund.




Joanne McAuley introduced the topic with shocking statistics about the lack of resources available to developmentally disabled people and their families.

Lynn Chidwick told us about her stepson Evan, 31 years old but stuck at 5 years developmentally. With 25+ year waiting lists common to obtain assisted-living accommodation for people like Evan, Lynn and her husband decided to build on to their home, creating a safe space not only for Evan to live, but four others like him.  It’s a huge undertaking, and community support is very much needed – from building skills to the purchase of items for the home like stove, washer and dryer, etc.

Joanne McAuley and Lynn Chidwick

Anne-Marie Zadjlik, in medical practice for many years, thanked Lynn and her husband for their amazing endeavor, and strongly bemoaned the fact that social services do not adequately support today’s community needs.



Greeter Sharon Rice warmly welcomed our large number of guests:

Cyndy Moffat Forsythe, Ron Hearnden and Michael von Keitz – all arrived as guests but left as members

Sabrina von Keitz – wife of newly inducted member, Michael von Keitz

Frank Oudesluys –Rotary Club of Guelph South

Wade Sandberg – a familiar face back to visit us

Wendy Smith – wife of Ian Smith

Sandy Hare – a guest invited to hear today’s speaker

Judith Rosenberg – a guest invited to hear today’s speaker

Charmaine Brown – Sr Development Officer, KidsAbility

Amanda Griffin – Firefly Supervisor, KidsAbility

Jordan Tucker – Teenage Ambassador, KidsAbility 2017-18

Paul Truex and Cindy Moffat-Forsythe

Head Table:

Anne-Marie Zadjlik

Dan Benor

Paul Dredge

Marty Fairbairn

Lynn Chidwick

Joanne McAuley


Paul Dredge called for a few more volunteers to support students writing their EQAO Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test next Tuesday

Sue Ricketts reported success in being awarded a Rotary International Grant to support the projects in India

Ab Moore and Judith Martin both congratulated Sue and Nanita Mohan on getting this grant, as it is such a challenging process

Dave Latreille reminded everyone about Rotary Forest Day coming up on April 21st, and called for volunteers to contact Jan Jofriet to sign up

Terrie Jarvis reported a successful third week of delivering Food4Kids to 41 children at three schools.

Happy Bucks

Judith Martin was happy to have returned from two weeks in Lesotho with Noma Vales, helping to review our Rotary-grant projects there. Was less enthusiastic about their  54 hour journey home.

Joanne Penfold really enjoyed the recent Rotaract Gala, and hopes more of our club members will be able to attend next year to support the students at UoG.

50/50 Winner

The 50/50 draw this week was won by Ruth Thatcher

Rotary Anniversaries

Kerry Johnson – 30 years

Dan Vitale – 10 years

Rotary Birthdays



Editor: Terrie Jarvis

Photographer: Karen Whylie

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