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Program: The Future of Food by Prof. David Hughes
Messages this week from our Club President, Tracey Curtis
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It has been a whole year since the World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 outbreak a global pandemic. In President Tracey's own words:  
Dear fellow Rotarians 
First off... for those that joined in on the Rotary meeting today, I am very sorry for all of the technical difficulties. Dr David Hughes was "zooming" in from England and that led to some zoom challenges as well as a few other things that made it tough for us all to focus on the meeting. I would sincerely like to apologize and thank you for your patience. Dr Hughes did eventually join in and provided a wonderful presentation. We did record it and want to ensure that it gets shared with you all. We will have Dr Hughes back as we was a delight to listen to.  
One year ago... where were you one year ago?  Do you remember where you were when the WHO organization classified COVID-19 a global pandemic? I was in Africa with another Bracelet of Hope board member feeling helpless as I was not near my family. I left after being there for only 3 days for a long trip home in empty airports. At the time I thought those days were beyond unimaginable but it has only gotten more difficult.
We shared a moment of silence today to hold the 38 lives lost in Guelph and their families close in our hearts. We spoke about our health care workers and volunteers that are working tirelessly to get us vaccinated so that we are able to all meet and look at each other in the eyes and shake hands and maybe a hug! 
We have all lost something, time with loved ones and memories not made. On this day it is important to acknowledge that. It is also critical to reach out if you need help or to talk to someone. CHMA has put out great materials to help us. They also produced this video, please take a moment to watch it. We have Hope and each other! 
Wishing you the very best as we navigate this difficult time together.  
Yours in Rotary,
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Many happy returns to:
Robert Eilers - March 15
John Wills - March 18
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David Van Veen - March 17, 1989 - 32 years!
Gary Stewart - March 21, 1997 - 24 years!
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  • Jennifer Dunsmoor's youngest child just turned 20, meaning no more teenagers in her family.
  • Anne MacKay is thrilled with the art lessons she is taking from fellow Rotarian Eleni Bakopoulos.
  • Gisella Gozzola has started a new job and says it is challenging, but in a good way.
  • Marva Wisdom was full of joy: she loved having her son Justin representing young entrepreneurs at last week's Finding the Covid-19 Balance webinar; her dad turned 88 and her family managed to have a Zoom gathering of all his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to celebrate; her beautiful sister turned 50; her nephew turned 30. (March is a busy birthday month in her family!)
  • Mahmud Hassain hopes that EVERYONE reads this article in Guelph Today, here:  A year of pandemic, by Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik
Program this week - March 12, 2021:
The Future of Food
by Professor David Hughes (aka "Dr. Food")
Food impacts everyone on the planet, and we were truly fortunate to hear from a global expert highlighting past, present and future food trends. Due to technical difficulties in connecting through our Zoom account from overseas, the presentation was delayed but eventually took place and was recorded, to share with club members as soon as possible. 
Richard Broadwith introduced his former business partner, David Hughes, outlining David's extensive academic and consulting work around the world, including a period in Guelph while supporting project work for Canada's Department of Agriculture (which also familiarized David with Guelph's famous Albion Hotel).  We noticed and appreciated David's thoughtful display of a Canadian flag behind his chair!  
Dr. Hughes is Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at the Imperial College in London, UK and is often nicknamed "Dr. Food". 
David's talk was extremely well prepared with many slides providing strong, visual examples of trends, and it was easy to see why David is in high international demand with his clear and easy-going style. His talk demonstrated how Covid-19 has accelerated some trends but decelerated others.
  • Increased "Eating Out In" by ordering home delivery of restaurant meals
  • Increased demand for "Fresh Meal Kits" to assemble at home
  • More online shopping of food, which changes marketing requirements of food retailers 
  • Food price warfare amongst retail outlets
  • Increased snacking and comfort foods during Covid lockdowns
  • Food waste resulting from disrupted supply chains during Covid (like milk being destroyed)
  • Food waste in general, in wealthy countries like the US and Canada
  • How food guides and habits have changed in the past few decades
  • World populations that are both over- and under-weight
  • Meat and dairy alternative products, Vegan popularity, and creative branding and marketing of these alternatives
  • Fair trade and trackable sourcing of food procurement
  • Food marketing linked to supporting good causes
  • The growing acceptance of genome editing in food production
  • Increased desire for local and sustainable farming products 
  • New products, like "sleep drinks" and other food innovations
  • Environmental changes such as:
    • Movement towards more climate- and planet-friendly diets
    • "Foodprints" and menu labelling to identify the climate impact of ingredients
    • More environment-friendly food packaging
    • Measuring the emotional wellbeing of animals in our food chain
    • Impact of deforestation caused by demand for palm oil
    • Regenerative agricultural practices with focus on eco-efficiency
  • Increasing government role in steering food consumption in healthier ways
  • Many more social pressures on what we shouldn't eat
David's talk was jam-packed with interesting information. He thinks thinks that many of the Covid behavioural changes will be felt for the next 20 years or so.
Tracey thanked David for his marvelous talk, his patience and understanding concerning the technical difficulties, and hopes that he will address our club again in future.
Upcoming programs 
Check our home page for upcoming speakers at our own club and also at other Rotary events. There are some wonderful talks ahead. Invite friends! 
  • Friday, March 19 at 12:15pm - RCOG: New member Nisha Chandran will introduce herself to us in an Up Close & Personal talk. 
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