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Jun 07, 2019
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Riverside Park
Jul 01, 2019
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Indigenous Awareness Committee Mtg
Jul 05, 2019
Program Committee Mtg
Jul 05, 2019
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Children & Youth Committee Mtg
Jul 12, 2019
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Program Committee Mtg
Aug 02, 2019
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Jun 07, 2019
City of Guelph's Community Plan, Part 2
Jun 14, 2019
Habitat For Humanity/Canada Day
Jun 21, 2019 12:00 PM
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2019-06-02 May 2019 Bulletin
So many exciting things going on at The Rotary Club of Guelph but since there are only two active editors we can't do it every week.  Can you complete a Word document? That's all we need! Contact Sue Ricketts asap.
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Bulletin May 2019

A busy whirlwind of a month at RCOG. I’m going to catch up on happenings for the whole month at once.
May 3 – Lynn Chadwick & Laura Hanley spoke about their personal efforts to build a home for developmentally delayed people. Lynn has a step-son who will age out of the system and need a safe and secure place to live just as will others in the community. They have raised funding themselves, bought a home here in Guelph which they have named Wally’s Place  and are doing the work to convert the home for special use residents. Very inspiring  
We presented a cheque for $4,000 to aid their efforts.
May 10 – New Member Andrew Johnson wad presented by his proposer Carolyn Weatherson as he joined our club. He has been a Rotarian in Fergus, Cambridge, and now with us. Welcome Andrew.
Dr. Margaret MacKinnon from the Homewood Research Institute spoke to us about the latest discoveries in brain mapping and treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). So much has been learned about the physical changes to areas of the brain due to stress. Scoence is far beyond guessing what the brain does and how it does it.
May 17 - New Member Irene Szabo was presented by her proposer Tracey McGrath. Irene is a local real estate agent with Homelife realty. Originally from Winnipeg, she has made a home here in Guelph. Welcome Irene
Joanne MacAuley announced that in November we will be expecting visitors from Mexico. She is looking for hosts and drivers
Terry Jarvis accepted a cheque for $150 from President Paul Dredge for Food4Kids program.
Tim Mau took a few minutes to speak about our own Rotary Club of Guelph Charitable Foundation. The Board is made up of past club Presidents. Old Presidents never die, they just join the Foundation of our club.  Our Foundation started with a bequest from T. T. Skov one of our club members and fed through the years by other charitable members the funds have been invested carefully and used for many worthwhile community projects such as the T. T. Skov Auditorium at the  Evergreen Senior Center, the Margaret & Newt Clayton Dialysis Unit on Delhi St., the Kidsability centre on Beechwood Avenue and the Guelph general hospital. Long may it continue.
Speaker Derek Matisse introduced himself to us through his classification talk. Learning about our members is always a highlight of any program. Derek now has his permanent square badge.  Congratulations.
May 24 – a lunch and meeting held at Kidsability new building on Imperial Road North. In 1957 our club began working at the Guelph site on Beechwood avenue providing services to disabled children. Since then the services have grown in Waterloo and Wellington counties, and this is one of 5 locations operated by Kidsability. They has been providing services in Guelph since 1999 under the Kidsability name, moving into their beautiful new space in June 2018. The costs of the renovations were partially funded by out club. Services offered include physiotherapist, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work and autism therapy amongst others. Eight hundred clients are served annually. There is a satellite location in Fergus.
Honourary Rotarian Mike Schreiner added his heartfelt congratulations to the Kidsability staff along with Walter and his family.
Walter is the Guelph Wellington ambassador this year.It was amazing to hear what has been done for him and how he has grown and progressed as told by his proud Mom. Here's a link to Walter's Story on Kidsability website
Here are some pictures from the Kidsability Campaign.
A cheque for $4,000 was presented to Kidsability to show our continued support of their efforts.
May 31 – Laura Muirhead, Child Witness Protection spoke about the program to counsel youths who are attending court to testify or present witness statements. Their main objective is to make the witnesses comfortable in the court process and be an active partner to help them understand the process and an ear to listen to their needs and concerns.
Landon, spoke to us as a youth who has been through the process and explained how comforting it was to her. She was so impressed that she is just finishing her Masters in sociology and will be a full-fledged counsellor herself in a few months.
Four members were presented with Paul Harris Fellowships in recognition of their donations this past year.  Andrea Groenvald, Liz Cooney, Bev Trist-Stewart and Dan Vitale.
A typical month of activities. This doesn't even mention the many committee meetings held and all the progress towards our upcoming events and projects both locally and internationally. Being a part of our busy and active club is a great honour and priviledge. Invite your friends to come out and take part.