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Feb 22, 2019
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Mar 01, 2019
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Service Above Self
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Italian Canadian Club
135 Ferguson Street
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Paul Dredge
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        2017/18 Year.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
2019-01-18 Ron Hearnden Classification
Ron Hearnden, Classification Talk
Nicole & Eleanor Shortreed guests of Jim Shortreed
Dianne and Ken Frank guests of Ron Hearndon
Manpreet Kambo guest of Avtar Kambo
Luke Hill guest and husband of Jaya James
MP Lloyd Longfield
Craig Moore
Grace Andrews guest of Ron Hearndon
Paul Harris Fellowships
Presentations made to Paul Pennock, Peggy Curry and Jim Shortreed
Announcements & Happy Bucks
Paul Dredge – A letter was received from Noah Irvine in thanks for the honour received last week. He says that he is now preparing to go to University. A second letter was received from Peter Barrow expressing his surprise and honour at being made a Paul Harris Fellow. Both are such deserving recipients.
Roger Garrioch – contributed 8 kidney stones at Guelph General Hospital this past week and is much relieved to have that over with. He also reminded us about the Food4Kids Breakfast on Tuesday, April 2nd at the Cutten club. Cost is $50 and tickets are available from Roger at 
Nanita Mohan – was pleased to announce that the 800 pounds of books collected for the Childplan Academy in Dindigul, India was finally sent off this week thanks to Fed Ex who gave us the shipping for free. The books are all donated by various sources and some are lesson plans and teachers’ notes for ages 6 – 12. Others are updated text books to help these children master English and know more about Canada today. Their previous books were sorely outdated. The cost of shipping those books would have been $2,500 – $3,000 otherwise. Amazing contribution from the shipper.
Clayton Switzer – was clearing out his closets and found some fondly remembered things. In the 1960’s he had a graduate student named Oswaldo Fernandez from Argentina. Prior to his admission to the Ontario Agricultural College, he met with Dr. Jones, Dean of the College, who was visiting Argentina at the Canadian Embassy in Argentina. Oswaldo met with them and they needed the services of a translator as there were a number of questions to be asked. At the end of the meeting Dr. Jones closed by saying “Mr. Oswaldo, I am going to give you a recommendation to the school, but you will know that this does not cover your wife.” Oswaldo was afraid that his hopes were dashed but then Dr. Jones pointed to his Rotary pin on his lapel. And said,” I note that your wife is a veterinary technician. As a member of the Rotary Club of Guelph, I can assure you that one of our members will find a place for her too at the Ontario Veterinary College.” Oswaldo turned out to be one of the best students he ever had and several years later he had the opportunity to spend 6 weeks observing in Argentina with Oswaldo.
Sean Yo – announced that each year his workplace allows him to donate to a charity of his choice and this year he has chosen to support Food4Kids.
Sue Ricketts – Announced an invitation from District Governor John Gilvesy regarding a Rotary due diligence trip to Honduras on March 17 – 21, 2019. Anyone interested should contact her for more information.
Brian Martin – a little levity. How many know who Maria Canto is? She is a paraplegic. The Japanese are now promoting decluttering, you know, where you pick up an object in your home and hold it. If it doesn’t bring you joy, you get rid of it through donating or trashing. His wife called to say that she was doing that with everything around their home and wondered about throwing things out. Brian assured her that was fine but on the way home, he started to worry. It worked out OK though, she didn’t throw him away. 
Sergeant-at-Arms Fines were given to Jim Shortreed for not attending meetings for a long time. Ranjit was fined for being too serious with his emails about Firesides, making people feel bullied. Rick Le Fevre for no particular reason and Michelle Richardson for suggesting 50/50 tickets should be $10. Jane Armstrong having been elected as Chair of the new electric company and has a new nickname, Electra! Clay Switzer was fined for not cleaning his closets more often.
Ron Hearnden, Classification Talk
Introduced by Mahmoud Hassain, who has known him for about 4 years now while helping him to be seen as a snappy dresser.
Ron shared his life journey with us from his youth in Depression Era Toronto. He told us about his first job as a bill collector. After riding the train for hours, he went out into the wilds of Northern Ontario to find a guy who owed money. He was met by a rifle and quickly jumped back on the train to return to Hog Town and change his profession. He then began working in sales with a bookbinder and stayed with publishing for the rest of his life.
Working with Best Publishing, he was very proud of his sales and design work on the Anglican/United Church Hymnal, done in red faux leather which was put to good use across Canada.  He spent a couple years in Ottawa with his wife and daughter and found it to be “the most boring city in Canada”. They were all happy to return to the Big Smoke afterward. He had a boss who lived in Montreal and remembers gong in for his annual review one year and being told that he would not get a raise that year because he couldn’t earn more than his manager.
Ron and his wife moved to Guelph’s Arboretum when he retired and since she passed away a few years ago, he has continued to make friends and enjoy the community life there, including joining Rotary. Last September he arranged a Pavlo concert to raise some money for a group he started which teaches single men how to cook. That was a great concert with lots of great Mediterranean Music and a dinner at The Greek Garden.
Thanks for sharing with us Ron
In some areas of the world weekly Rotary club meetings begin with all members standing and reciting the Object of Rotary This statement, which comes from the Constitution of Rotary, is frequently seen on a wall plaque in Rotarians' offices or place of business.
The Object of Rotary is "to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise." The statement then lists four areas by which this "ideal of service" is fostered: "through the development of acquaintance as the opportunity for service; the promotion of high ethical standards in business and professions; through service in one's personal, business and community life; and the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace."
The Object of Rotary has not always been expressed in this manner. The original Constitution of 1906 had three objects: promotion of business interests, promotion of good fellowship and the advancement of the best interests of the community By 1910 Rotary had five Objects as increased emphasis was given to expanding Rotary. By 1915 there were six Objects. In 1918 the Objects were rewritten again and reduced to four. Four years later they had again grown to six and were revised again in 1927.
Finally, at the 1935 Mexico City Convention the six Objects were restated and reduced to four. The last major change came in 1951, when the "Objects" were streamlined and changed to a single "Object" which is manifested in four separate ways. The "ideal of service" is the key phrase in the Object of Rotary. This ideal is an attitude of being a thoughtful and helpful person in all of one's endeavors. That's what the Object truly means.