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Algorithms of our lives

This Guelph-based business helps organizations to solve business problems and elevate performance, powered by behavioural science, psychology, educaton and creative media arts.  Their presentation is sure to open our eyes to new ways of doing things, rooted in evidence, using latest technology, and different from what most of our members have experienced in our own business lives. You won't want to miss this fascinating presentation!




Apr 12, 2019 12:00 PM
Pot legalization
Apr 19, 2019
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National Awards Services Inc.
2019-03-22 Water First, Amy Gopal
Water First, Director of Developement
Amy Gopal
Bulletin Friday Mar 22,2019
Irene Szabo, visitor
Helmi Ansari and Steve Engelberg, Grosche global safe water projects, guests of Terrie Jarvis
Donna Graham Visiting Rotarian, President Elect Rotary Club of Guelph South
Andrew Johnson, Cambridge Rotary, soon to be a member of our club
Ingrid Straubson, Orangeville Rotarian
New Member Induction
Liz Sandals, proposed by Mahmoud Hassain & Marty Fairbairn
Liz, is the daughter of one our past members, Earl MacNaughton, and was our MPP for Guelph from 2003 - 2018 serving as Minister of Education and Chair of the Treasury Board. Past Chair of the Board of Education. Married to David Sandals, a Professor at the Ontario Veterinary College, they have two children and a number of grandchildren.
Because he had invited Liz to join Rotary some time back, Marty made a short speech reminding us that he had been inspired by Liz to run for the School Board many years ago and was very proud of having been a part of the Education System for many years. The Safe Schools Act was one of her biggest achievements in governance.
All members welcomed Liz and promised to extend the hand of friendship to Liz.
Announcements & Happy bucks
Joanna Penfold – Made us aware of the dire need for help in Tanzania and Mozambique after Typhoon Idai. This is the worst storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere and over 700 people have been lost. She reminded us that contributions are greatly appreciated to allow them to provide those magic boxes which provide hope and survival for the many people in need.
Sue Ricketts – Announced that a successful request was made to the Board at their last meeting to change the direction of funds budgeted for sending School Books to India (and not needed for that purpose). Emails and requests have been received from our partners in Cameroon asking for help to support Serophine, who runs a shop in Ndop, Cameroon which has been closed for 6 months because there are few supplies reaching that area. It seems though that due to fighting between rebels and army, food is in very short supply and people are afraid to go out to buy it. Serophine has been feeding several children and some elderly people from her own pocket. If you want to read more about the need, go to the Minutes of World Service Committee in ClubRunner and find all about the need. The Board has agreed, and the Committee will send the needed funds – half for food and half for emergency relief – through to those in need and get full reporting back from them. Should you wish to donate there are matching points available from our Foundation Committee which will go towards earning your own Paul Harris recognition.
On a second matter the Board was informed that there has been a minor change in what has been known as Luisa’s Sewing project since Rosemary and Luisa’s due diligence trip. The intended sewing room will now also be used by the St. Kitizo’s Maternity and Children’s Hospital, as well as adding the cost of some repairs needed for the hospital itself and purchasing a medical van to bring patients for medical services.
Peter McSherry – reminded us of the Fellowship Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner event on April 27th and that the signup forms are sitting on the corner of his desk in his office. They will arrive next week for sure.
Ab Moore – was happy because he and Alice have returned safely from a trip through the Panama Canal and met their newest grand children and great grand-children. He also spoke about the current grants in Cameroon. A current small grant is providing water to 2 small villages and is nearing completion. There are also two other grants which will provide water to 4 more villages. This will total ten villages with close to 50,000 people will have potable water thanks to our club, the District and Rotary International grant system. (Cheers!)
About three months back the Foundation Committee discovered that there is a wrinkle in the Paul Harris system which they knew nothing about. When members contribute towards their on Paul Harris Fellowship they receive points which they can donate towards someone else’s Paul Harris Recognition either for their first or ongoing pin. Many in our club have been donating for years and there is a backlog of about 3,000 points sitting unused. It is proposed that if anyone donates money toward the Cameroon Food and Emergency Fund, they will receive those points up to $100. To learn more, speak to Ab and go into ClubRunner and look it up. If you donate, write a cheque and give to Hal Jackson to receive your points.
Rosemary Clark – Reminded everyone to update their pictures with KC Tam over the next two weeks at meetings, as needed and then update their Profile on ClubRunner as that will be the information published in the new Roster Handbook which should be available by July 1st. Email Blast will go out to remind us later. Information needed by May 1st.
Noma Vales – A happy buck because on Sunday, March 24thh, she will celebrate her arrival in Canada from Lesotho. Canada has been the right move for her as she has a happy and fulfilling life here. The opportunities have made her feel grateful and thanks everyone for their acceptance.
Mahmoud is bringing back sound bites. Number one Liz Sandals is thanked for her 30 years in public service and is thus fines $30. Terrie Jarvis presented to our club and at the Rotaract Gala about the Food4Kids program which she is so involved with is also fined $30. Since there are about 60 people here I call for Loonies and Toonies from each to cover their fines.
Speaker –Water First, Director of Developement Amy Gopal
Introduced by Helmuth Slisarenko
He found out that Amy is a Curler and graduated from the University of Calgary in 2001and worked for 13 years with the Canadian Red Cross before coming to work with Water First as a Director of Development. This is Canada’s leading organization dedicated to providing water for First Nations across Canada.
Amy didn’t realize that we are so involved in providing potable water around the world. It is such a shame that so many billions of people don’t have access to safe, clean water and her organization works to fix the imbalance here in Canada with First Nations. They fund paid internships for local residents to work in their own communities and Fish Habitat Restoration. The Water Tree works with schools to teach children about the importance of trees in our habitats. Teaching locals how to test Water quality is another important part of their work with Band Councils across Canada. They work together to create custom projects to address a community’s priorities.
Amy told us about some of their current successes with Bands in Ontario and invited us to connect and follow them on their website at for more information and to get involved.
The speaker was thanked by Rick Le Feuvre
**Tip of the week**
Did you know that committee Chairs and Secretaries are supposed to be posting minutes and agendas regularly to ClubRunner as part of their commitment so that all club members can look at what is happening in our great club? Nothing should be kept secret. There were two meetings held at the beginning of the year (July/August) to which all Chairs were invited in order to learn how to do this. At last count there are 17 committees who have not posted anything. Not sure whether they have not met or have forgotten how to do this. If you need instructions contact