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April 8, 2024
Last Friday's meeting, April 5, began with an emotional announcement about the passing of a long time Rotarian, Monte Hewson. President Nanita asked Tom Funk to speak about Monte's legacy and what he meant to our club and to each of us. To read the full transcript of the eulogy he gave, please see the story below.
Following a moment of silence, club announcements were made. Rick Le Feuvre excitedly discussed holding his great-granddaughter for the first time and how he wasn't quite ready for the title, "great-grandpa". He suggested that his great-granddaughter call him "excellent grandpa" but his granddaughter, the mom of his great-granddaughter thought that would be silly.
Helmuth Slisarenko made an announcement about Knox Church's Pasta Dinner Night. All proceeds go to supporting the three Ukrainian families that the church has helped to support over the past two years.

Janette Hogan shared an idea to for Rick to use  the acronym, AIG, instead of great-grandpa. She also discussed how her granddaughter, Elizabeth Jane, is Ruth's first cousin three times removed. What a wonderful connected! Lastly. she asked for comments on what Rotary means to each of us. If you haven't seen it, Janette sent out an email where we can answer this question. 

Crista Renner announced that Eleni Bakopoulos opened her first art exhibit in New York city. Marva Wisdom, Tracey Curtis, and Anne Mackay were all there to support her amazing work! More info coming soon!
Aidan Harris announced the special program for next week's meeting, Friday April 12th. The program is a joint effort with the city of Guelph and community plan team. To see more details about the meeting, please read the story below. 
After lunch, Dennis Weiler introduced our speaker, and member of our club, Robert Turner, for his Up Close and Personal talk. Dennis introduced Robert to our club just over a year ago. 
Robert Turner, with lots of humour, shared his life story as an architect, from Liverpool to Chester to Edinburgh to Halifax and, lastly, to Fergus, Ontario.
Robert grew up in Chester in the UK. He discussed his early life and his entrance into a prestigious private school after writing a successful entrance examination and being awarded a full scholarship. 
The school that Robert attended was founded by Henry VIII  in 1541. Its focus was on academic excellence, proper etiquette, and old-fashioned values. Robert showed a school photo and joked about the "diversity" of students in the photo (they were all white boys and mostly from well-off families). 
After graduating from his private school , Robert attended university in Edinburgh, Scotland for architecture. He highlighted the affordability of his university days, as tuition fees were free at the time, and the government provided stipends for living. He also discussed how much he enjoyed his time there. 
After university, Robert had a long career path that was caused by the economic and housing decline that the UK was experiencing at the time. He worked in architectural offices and property development companies, and even designing bikes. 
After another period of economic uncertainty, Robert and his wife decided to move from the UK in 2010 to settle in Halifax, where he worked in architecture and design.
After five years, Robert and his family moved to Fergus where, after working in an architectural firm for several years, he decided to buy into the firm that Jim Fryer, past Rotarian, owned.
Robert reflected on the late development of his career and his final arrival in the "corner office," at the firm he now owns. He also, jokingly, discussed his "nerdy" tendencies and love for making things.
Robert highlighted his continuing work on creating a Fergus hospice. He, and the committee he is a part of, are almost at the proposal phase. They have the land they need, Robert has designed the building, now they just need approval and the last of their funding. 
Robert concluded his presentation by encouraging everyone to explore and embrace new adventures, while also acknowledging the importance of teaching and learning.

Robert's presentation ended with a lively Q&A. 
Notes taken by and edited by Aidan Harris.  
Eulogy for Monte Hewson
On Tuesday, April 2, 2024 we lost a long-time Rotarian and friend, Monte Hewson. A transcription of Tom Funk's eulogy for Monte is provided below as well as a link to his obituary. 
On April 2, 2024 we lost a long-time Rotarian and friend, Monte Hewson. Monte will be missed deeply by our club and by all those who were lucky enough to know him.
At our meeting on Friday, April 5, 2024 we honoured the memory of Monte. Tom Funk gave a wonderful eulogy that is provided below. 
The first Friday in June of 1983 was a very happy day for me and for Rotary because, as his proposer, that was the day I welcomed Monte Hewson into Rotary. Today is a very sad day for me, and for Rotary, because it is the day we say farewell of this wonderful man.
As most of you know, Monte was a very successful florist in Guelph. He opened Monte’s Place in Campus Estates in the late 1970s. It was arguably the finest floral shop in Guelph. It achieved this reputation because of Monte’s artistic ability with plants, his personal relationships with customers and his high ethical standards as a business person.
Monte was also a great Rotarian. Sitting with him for lunch was a real pleasure because of his charming personality, and great sense of humour. He was always ready to volunteer his time and supply floral arrangements for many of our events.
The most important thing in Monte’s life was his family - his wife Ann and his two children. Son Thomas is a Senior Manager at Linamar and daughter Gillian is a family physician in Guelph. He was immensely proud of both of them. And, as most you know, he had an identical twin brother, Mitchell. If you saw them together there is no way you could tell them apart. They looked, and even sounded, exactly the same. The likeness was incredible.
They say heaven is a beautiful place. Now it will be even more beautiful that Monte is charge of the floral arrangements! Monte, all your Rotary friends will miss you. Rest in peace!
Thank you Tom for this wonderful eulogy. Monte's obituary is here
ArtsEverywhere Festival
From May 2-5, 2024 the ArtsEverywhere Festival will take place in Guelph! 
As Marva explained in her announcement to the club last Friday, the ArtsEverywhere Festival is the place where conversations, ideas, and artistic experiments come alive in the community of Guelph. From May 2nd to May 5th join members of our community for lectures, conversations, music, artistic performances, circle gatherings, literary readings, exhibitions, and much more. The full festival program will be announced soon, so please subscribe to the ArtsEverwhere email list to receive upadtes. 

2023 marked the 20th edition of The Guelph Lecture—On Being, it was an exciting evening that confronted the urgencies of our time through the lens of art and ideas. By bringing together a diverse, informative, creative, and sometimes unlikely combination of people, the festival weekend offers programming that connects to the ongoing work and needs of many organizations and individuals who wish to make the world a better place.

If you are interested in attending, please follow this link for more info: 

Guelph Community Plan: April 12th Program
On April 12th, during our regular Friday meeting, we will be hosting a special meeting in partnership with the City of Guelph at the Italian Canadian Club. This event is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Guelph’s Community Plan and share ideas about making impacts to move our community towards this shared vision.
On April 12th, during our regular Friday meeting, we will be hosting a special meeting in partnership with the City of Guelph at the Italian Canadian Club. This event is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Guelph’s Community Plan and share ideas about making impacts to move our community towards this shared vision.
The meeting will include a presentation about the Community Plan, outlining the
community’s vision for Guelph and the steps we can collectively take to achieve it.
Additionally, this event is a chance to spotlight the Rotary Club of Guelph's amazing
accomplishments and explore ways to work together in the future.
Event details are as follows:
Date: Friday, April 12
Time: 12:15 p.m.
Location: Italian Canadian Club, 135 Ferguson Street
A light lunch will be served
We believe your presence would greatly enrich the discussion and we’d be honored to have you join us. We look forward to seeing you at this important gathering.
An email with the program signup will be sent out shortly. 
For more information,
Glen Lombard, Manager, Community Engagement
Strategic Communications and Community Engagement
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3957
Princess Gala For Elora House
On May 10th at 5:00 PM Elora House will host its annual Princess Gala! All proceeds go towards Elora House. 
On May 10th at 5:00 PM Elora House will host its annual Princess Gala! All proceeds go towards Elora House. 
Elora House is a local organization whose goal is to provide safe housing and support for females who are victims of sexual exploitation and/or human trafficking. 
In addition to safe housing and support, a primary focus lies in assisting residents to build towards self-reliance, resilience, and overall well-being. The journey to emotional and physical strength includes having resources such as life-skills training and education, available to all who enter. Elora House proudly offers all residents unconditional kindness, protection, and freedom. 
Tickets are $150/person with all proceeds going to Elora House operations. 
The evening includes:
- Silent auction
- Music
- Photo booth
- Chef curated dinner
- Raffle Table
- Cash bar and a signature drink 
Semi-formal attire is preferred. 
To purchase a ticket please go to, scroll down to find the registration link on their home page and complete the step to register via 
Bulletin Editor
Aidan Harris
Apr 12, 2024
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