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March 5th, 2024
The meeting last Friday, March 1st, began with announcements from the club. Marty Fairbairn made an announcement about the upcoming Lobster Fest meeting at Luisa's house. It will be held on the 11th at 7:00PM. The hope is to get more Rotarians to join the committee and to take over some committee roles. 
Paul Dredge made an announcement about The Grove walkthrough on March 6th at 3:30. For those who are interested in attending, Paul said to contact him ahead of time. 
Marva made an announcement about the city plan. This is an exciting initiative that Marva has been working on for several years! Our program on May 5th will be centred around the Guelph Community plan. 
After lunch, Crista Renner introduced our speaker and fellow Rotarian Marguerite Campbell. Her presentation was centred around Black History Month. 
Marguerite began her presentation with a personal story about her and her son. When her son was a kid, Marguerite bought him a book whose main character was black. The book had nothing to do with black history or heritage. The book was important because her son could see himself in the character. Representation in stories is always important. 
When her son was older, Marguerite bought him a book about the history of the world. But she soon realized that there wasn't a single mention of black historical figures in the book. The book was completely dominated by white, European history. Most of our historical knowledge, especially in North America, is dominated by the European tradition. 
For this reason, Marguerite wanted to highlight some of the history of Africa. Africa is a continent made up of a multitude of diverse cultures, peoples, languages and histories. Just in Nigeria alone, one of 54 countries in Africa, there are 371 distinct ethnic groups with over 525 native languages (added by editor). To highlight the impact of colonialism, Marguerite discussed some of the broad geographical histories of Africa before Western colonization.
She showed two maps: one of pre-colonial Africa and one of Africa after the Berlin Conference of 1884.
Pre-Colonial Africa: 
Africa after the Berlin Conference: 
The Berlin Conference was a meeting between all the major Europeans powers to determine how they should split up Africa, a continent they had no claim over. Moreover, European powers divided Africa without consideration of how these arbitrary borders would impact pre-existing nations and ethnic groups. Furthermore, the lumping of distinct ethnic groups into single countries has led to countless conflicts, the most significant being the Rwandan Civil War. A war fought between two distinct ethnic groups (Hutu and Tutsi) over the control of a country created by the Berlin Conference. 
Marguerite discussed important dates, such as when slavery began in North America, and when it ended in Canada. 
She also showed a video where the comedian Michael Jr. tests people's knowledge of important black figures and historical events. 
The video demonstrates how little knowledge most non-black Americans and Canadians have about black history. 
Near the end of her presentation, Marguerite has everyone take a 10 question quiz. Most Rotarians got very few of the questions right. Like Michael Junior's video, the quiz helps to demonstrate the need for non-black Canadians to learn more about black history generally, and Canadian black history. 
Marguerite also discussed the importance of language when talking about these subjects. For example, when discussing slavery, one should not use the word 'slaves' but 'enslaved people'. Being careful about the words we use and how we phrase things is crucial to being a good ally. 
In concluding her presentation, Marguerite provided a list of 20 influential black Canadians that each of us should learn about: 
1. Josiah Henson
2. Chloe Cooley
3. Frederick Douglass
4. Harriet Tubman 
5. Mary Ann Shad
6. William Hall
7. Robert Sutherland
8. Anderson Abbott
9. Elijah McCoy 
10. Delos Davis
11. Nathaniel Dett
12. Addie Aylestock
13. Viola Desmond
14. Leonard Braithwaite
15. Calvin Ruck
16. Maurice Ruddick 
17. Mayann Francis
18. John Alleyne 
19. Measha Brueggergosman 
20. Deborah Cox
She also provided links to two videos: 
A class divided - watch this video
The danger of a single story video
As well as two children's books: 
- My little African King
- Amazing grace, the story of the hymn 
Marva thanked Marguerite for her wonderful presentation. Thank you Marguerite!
Notes taken by Matt Webster, edited by Aidan Harris. 
Rotaract Gala 2024! 
On March 8th, the University of Guelph's Rotaract Club will be hosting their annual gala! 
The Rotaract club will be donating all of their proceeds to Big Brother & Big Sisters of Guelph. 
The event is on March 8th at the Summerlee Science Complex, starting at 6:00 PM. There will be a dinner, games, and a silent auction. 
Tickets cost $70 for non-students and $45 for students. 
It would be great to have a good amount of Rotarians attend this event. Typically, our club, as the original sponsor of the University of Guelph's Rotaract Club, puts together a table every year. 
If you're interested in going, scan the QR code in the image above and send me an email ( so I can track our numbers. 
Preview tour of the new Grove Hub
In late February, A few Rotarians were delighted to have a sneak preview of the latest Grove Hub in the new CMHA building for Children & Youth Services at 737 Woolwich Street in Guelph. This Hub still needs finishing touches and will have an official opening (not to be missed!) in spring 2024.
Meanwhile, in the two weeks since they unlocked the front door with an unpublicized soft opening, this Hub has already welcomed about 50 visits by youth introduced by counsellors at the adjoining CMHA offices, and other young people who popped in out of curiosity. 
The photo was taken by Cyndy Dearden and shows, left to right, Jeff Hoffman, Ranjit Singh, Paul and Anita Dredge, Alan and Terrie Jarvis.
Bulletin Editor
Aidan Harris
Mar 08, 2024
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