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Ron Hearnden Classification Talk
Jan 18, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Indigenous Awareness Committee Mtg
Feb 01, 2019
Program Committee Mtg
Feb 01, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Children & Youth Committee Mtg
Feb 08, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Cyndy Forsyth Classification Talk
Feb 22, 2019
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Indigenous Awareness Committee Mtg
Mar 01, 2019
Program Committee Mtg
Mar 01, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Children & Youth Committee Mtg
Mar 08, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Jan 18, 2019
Classification Talk

We'll get to know more about Ron Hearnden who joined our club in 2018.

Jan 25, 2019
A "fishy tale" about aquaculture and biosecurity
Feb 22, 2019 12:00 PM
Classification Talk
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Service Above Self
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Paul Dredge
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        2017/18 Year.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
2019-01-11 Rotaractors
University of Guelph Rotaract
Matthew Chegano, Alex Phang & Jordyn Therkildsen
Marissa & Paula Lefebvre guests of Luisa dl Rosario
Guests of the Club - Peter Barrow, Ross Irvine, Donna Irvine, Noah Irvine
U of G Rotaractors – Matthew Chegano, Alex Phang, Jordyn Therkildsen
Alicia Wood, former Rotarian from Norfolk Sunrise Club guest of Rick Le Feuvre 
Member Updates
Carl Jadeski is ready to break himself out of hospital in Kitchener but Margaret reports that Bill Winegard is still weak and staying in Guelph General for another week or so. Wishing them both a return to good health.
Peter Barrow, The Vigilant FundRaiser – Honoured with a Rotary Club of Guelph Award for all the many charities and non-profit Boards which he has worked with and on behalf of over many years. Check out his profile on Linked In – it’s superb “I coach and train leaders and managers in both the private and not-for-profit sectors who wish to develop and grow their leadership and business skills. I work with people of all ages who are considering a new direction in their business or personal life. I also facilitate strategic planning and business building...”
Noah Irvine, Mental health Advocate – Honoured for his work bringing awareness of Mental Health Issues to Canada. Check out the article on him by Huffington Post online. Just Google and search on Noah Irvine. There’s a great article from 2017 there.
5 Club Honourees for Paul Harris awards – Harris Steel, absent, Paul Pennock, absent, Jim Fryett, Jim MacKenzie and Bernie Keily, . Amazing contributors to Rotary International fundraising.
Announcements & Happy Bucks
Jane Armstrong – Offered the chance to change your life and see the world from a new angle by volunteering to help with the take-down of the lights at Riverside from the vantage point of a SkyJack on Saturday morning. Both high flyers and ground crew are needed to help the loyal volunteers.
Jim MacKenzie – a non-curling announcement to cheers from the peanut gallery. Please go to the member area of ClubRunner. Under Organization  > Committees > View Standing Committees > Centennial 2020 the text of his report is titled 2019-01-11 Committee Update
Helmuth Slisarenko – Was not wearing a red jacket but a red Rotary t-shirt, one of 6 or so he owns, given to him by Bill Taylor, a deceased member of our club, who introduced Helmuth to the fine art of Scotch nosing. He is going to North Carolina to curl and will report back on his return.
Ranjit Singh – made the nearly final report on Firesides and directed everyone how to find their place. Ranjit mentioned that in a chat with Ron Hearndon he mentioned reading books on Kindle. Ron had no idea what  Kindle was and when told informed Ranjit that is not a “Book”
Dave Van Veen - Celebration for Life on Sunday for Bill MacTaggart, a Rotarian life well lived at the Cutten Club.
Marissa LeFebvre - announced on behalf of the three Catholic High Schools, Bishop MacDonell, Our Lady of Lourdes and St. James, that in January and February, teams will be travelling on mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Peru to aid in ongoing construction and upkeep of orphanages run through Friends of the Orphans Canada. Staff plus 66 students from Bishop MacDonell will travel to Peru for 9 days, staying at an orphanage in San Vincente de Canete where they will be doing manual labour on a visitor’s house and a Montessori school. Each student is fundraising to bring items and deliver them directly to the orphanage.
These orphanages meet the physical, social, emotional and educational needs and provide previously unavailable opportunities to over 1,000 abandoned or orphaned youth. The cost of providing for these children is large, with the majority of funding coming from outside aid. Students travelling pay their own costs for travel and work on behalf of the orphanage to gather donations and materials to support the orphans. We kindly ask for a donation that will be used directly by the orphanage.
Tax receipts will be given by Friends of the Orphans and cheques can be made out to Friends of the Orphans Canada, Thank you for your time and consideration, your contributions are greatly appreciated by the children and will be used effectively at the orphanage.
University of Guelph Rotaract
Matthew Chegano, Alex Phang & Jordyn Therkildsen
Introduced by Reny Pietrobon
Rotaract was started in North Carolina 50 years ago. 9,500 clubs in 156 countries with almost 300,00 members, Based on Rotarian principals. In 2006 our club started the local club at the University of Guelph with membership of 7 students. The next year there were 11 students. Today in 2019 there are 57 members, doing good locally and in the world. Meetings usually have 25 – 35 members. Matthew Chegano, current President and external V-P Jordyn Therkildsen promised not to speak about curling today.  They have been working on attracting new members, preferably newer students, to the on-campus group. One of their highlights was the annual painting of the cannon, despite the rainy day delay, it was beautifully done in purple and gold to point out the Polio Plus fund raising efforts of the club and with a spiffy Rotary Wheel on it. They managed to raise $575 selling 100,000 Krispy Crème Donuts in the fall during lunch hour and will be doing another sale on Jan 16 with the aim of selling 200,000 donuts. Not good for the waistline or nutrition but always enjoyed by most everyone.  They also held a Polio Plus education day by setting up a table to educate students on the disease and its effects. They are raising funds with Happy Bucks thanks to the advice of Celia Clark. Community involvements included Guelph Storm ticket sales as well as Community of Hearts Hot Chocolate and Cider sales at Quebec Street Mall to 700-800 thirsty citizens. The next event will be the Gala on March 2 which provides a meal, socializing, raffle and games for all attendees. The beneficiary this year is Food4Kids. For tickets contact Rotaract through their Facebook site.
Matthew, being from Wiarton was asked one of the most important questions of the day. "Any insider news on Wiarton Willie and whether he’ll see his shadow or not?"  He reported that having been in Wiarton on the weekend he can report that it’s very cold and snowy there, otherwise no confirmation of news yet.
Tim Mau thanked them for their presentation
 Luisa del Rosario presented them with a sweater made by the Rotaract Clubs from their recent visit to Africa. 


 An official flag was formally adopted by Rotary International at the 1929 Convention in Dallas, Texas. The Rotary flag consists of a white field with the official wheel emblem emblazoned in gold in the center of the field The four depressed spaces on the rim of the Rotary wheel are colored royal blue. The words "Rotary" and "International' printed at the top and bottom depressions on the wheel rim are also gold. The shaft in the hub and the key way of the wheel are white.
The first official Rotary flag reportedly was flown in Kansas City Missouri, in January 1915. In 1922 a small Rotary flag was carried over the South Pole by Admiral Richard Byrd, a member of the Winchester, Virginia Rotary Club. Four years later, the admiral carried a Rotary flag in his expedition to the North Pole.
Some Rotary clubs use the official Rotary flag as a banner at club meetings. In these instances it is appropriate to print the words "Rotary Club" above the wheel symbol, and the name of the city, state or nation below the emblem.
The Rotary flag is always prominently displayed at the World Headquarters as well as at all conventions and official events of Rotary International.