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2019-02-08 Tribute toWilliam C. Winegard
The Right Honourable William C. Winegard
                                      William C. (Bill) Winegard – Tributes to the Boy from Caledonia by Members and Guests
President Paul set aside all the club’s business for the day to introduce a program providing an opportunity for members and guests to pay tribute to and celebrate their relationships and memories of our friend and fellow Rotarian Bill Winegard. A full house of members and guests enjoyed a very extended program and series of tributes accompanied by music from Keith Conrad and memorable songs from led by Mary DuQuesnay including Amazing Grace and three Vera Lynn WW II classics “We’ll Meet Again”,Bless Em All” and “White Cliffs of Dover” in honour of our last veteran. Unfortunately, the Winegard family were disappointed not to be able to attend the event – Their thank you to the club for holding the event and apologies for not being able to attend were conveyed by Mike Schreiner, MPP.  Mike mentioned that Bill’s grandson had sustained serious injuries in a subsequent car accident.   
Tributes were presented by:
  • Mahmood Hussein
  • Marva Wisdom
  • Bill Stevens
  • Jim Stevens
  • Ranjit Singh
  • Bob Ireland
  • Paul Dredge
  • Jean Truex – Former Principal of Tytler Public School
  • Curt McQueen – Principal of William C. Winegard Public School
  • Lorie Jocius – Wife of Ginty Jocius – Bills Friend & Campaign Manager
  • Donna Dodge – School Friend of Kathryn Winegard
In addition to the Tributes each attendee was given an opportunity to provide their personal memories of Bill – Memories and comments that will be shared with the Winegard Family.
There were many recurring themes within the tributes – Bill’s down to earth approach to life, his mentoring skills and capabilities, his quiet, effective leadership and commitment to Canada, community and citizenship, his ability to treat everyone with equanimity and respect, his love of children and his surprise and joy at having a school named after him.
His true spirit, friendship and respect were returned in spades by all who paid tribute at this unique Rotary Meeting – Also, it is obvious his status is even greater with the kindergarten class at William C. Winegard Public School given his “Rock Star Status” - “It’s one thing to have crowds of teenagers screaming at the Beatles from behind the fence – It’s quite another to have kindergarten students screaming at “Winegard” at Winegard (William C.) Public School” from behind its fence” - Curt McQueen Principal.
Rotary Host
Catherine Thurtell
Anne & Paul Pennock
George Thurtell
Anne & Paul Pennock
Donna Dodge
Anne McKay
Allie Milner
Bill Stevens
Bev Stevens
Bill Stevens
Debbie Stevens
Bill Stevens
Lorie Jocius
Dennis Weiller
Karin Stevens
Jim Stevens
Margaret VanderWoude
Jim Stevens
Hal Bond
Mahmud Hassain
Curt McQueen
Martha Rogers
Frank Valeriote
Marva Wisdom
Elizabeth von Keitz
Michael von Keitz
Garry von Keitz
Michael von Keitz
Sabrina von Keitz
Michael von Keitz
Anita Dredge
Paul Dredge
Jean Truex
Paul Truex
Jean Funnell
Ray Funnell
Yvonne Pietrobon
Reny Pietrobon
John Hubert
Ron Hearndon
Mary Taylor
Ruth Thatcher
Rob Rammage
Tracy McGrath
Visiting Rotarians
Club Affiliation
Gail Moore
Former Member RCoG
Lloyd Longfield - MP
Hon Member RCoG
Matt Chegahno
Rotaract - UoG
Michael Iverson
Mike Schreiner - MPP
Hon Member RCoG
Tributes were presented by:
Mahmood Hussein
Mahmood paid tribute to the friendship and mentoring and support that he was privileged to have received from Bill after coming to Guelph six years ago and a recent parting gift of a collection of Winston Churchills books 
Marva Wisdom
Marva paid tribute to Bill’s support for the Canada Day Citizenship Ceremony and the eloquence and simplicity of his celebratory messages at these events. She noted that Bill was one of the first to reaffirm his own Canadian Citizenship at the event. Marva also appreciated his approachable “We’ve got this” leadership style  
Bill Stevens
Bill thanked John Brady for inviting Bill to become a Rotarian providing members with 25 years of fellowship with Bill – our last surviving World War II veteran and hero. Bill also provided two delightful examples of Dr. Winegard’ diplomatic skills and capabilities.  
Jim Stevens
Long-time family friend, academic colleague, neighbour and fellow Rotarian Jim provided members with a glimpse of Bill and Elizabeth’s mixed discipline dinner parties at the University, Bill’s art collection activities, theatre interests and neighbourly activities.     
Ranjit Singh
Ranjit mentioned that there had been a number of “special occasions” in his friendship with Bill i.e. opportunities to enjoy a mutual interest in the best Guyanese Rum. However, his main task was to convey Bob Irelands tribute to Bill.   
Bob Ireland
Bob presented the background to the Billy & Bob Show fundraising team that raised millions for Partners for Better Health and Hospice Wellington. The revered and feared Rt “Ornery” William Winegard and Robert Ireland Esq good cop / bad cop duo were extraordinarily successful in their quest to raise funds for these community facilities. – An experience in both becoming fast friends.  
Paul Dredge
Paul delivered the final and very personal tribute to Bill and felt honored to call Bill his friend.  Bill had obviously become a personal mentor and supporter for Paul.  Phone calls from Bill – “Paul - Bill Winegard here” were always uplifting.
Bill, a 20-year participant on the Rotary youth committee (Where else!!) was a great supporter and participant on Paul’s Rotary mentoring program for College Heights School – “The Kids loved you”.  And as you know by now Bill loved Kids - When told of a family trip to Ottawa and Paul son Justin’s interest in the Parliament Buildings, Bill arranged a behind the scenes visit to the Parliament through Michael Chong’s office for Paul and his son Justin – an unforgettable outing for Justin.
Bill never forgot his humble beginnings - Earlier in the program Paul conveyed Bills thanks to Ada and ICC serving team for their support and service to him personally and the Club. A hero, a gentleman and scholar to the end.
Jean Truex – Former Principal of Tytler Public School
Jean shared the story of Bill’s interest, passion and outstanding capability to engage kindergarten and children through reading stories to them. Bill had memorized the story and characters of the Three Billy Goats Gruff - his fluid delivery of the story had no problem generating smiles, tears and laughter. The story has become a 17-year tradition at the school - a tradition she implored President Paul to continue.
Curt McQueen – Principal of William C Winegard Public School
Curt did not know very much about Bill when his name came up as a candidate for the naming of the new public school, but it soon became obvious after doing some research and listening to the parents of that children that he was absolutely the right choice. On being informed of the choice Bill’s response – “Well I’m not dead yet” but was reassured he could both be alive and have the school named after him.  He loved the idea.
Every Sept 17th the Children sang Happy Birthday; Every Graduation, he was there “High Fiving” every graduate; Halloween Parade, he was there; Remembrance Day every Friday before November 11th he was there – taking the time to answer all the children’s questions. William C. Winegard School was his place, but he could not believe it – he never imagined when he was 17 that he would have a school named after him – He always amazed!!   
Lorie Jocius – Wife of Ginty Jocius – Bills Friend & Campaign Manager
Lorie said that Ginty Jocius, would have wanted me to say something about his mentor, Dr. William C. Winegard. She mentioned that Bill was the University of Guelph’s newly-appointed President when Ginty and she were students. In fact, their budding romance started in the backyard of the Winegard family’s home on campus. Years later Ginty would organize Bill’s successful federal campaign. As ever, Bill became a friend and an ever-present sounding board and mentor for all of Ginty’s “wild and crazy” ideas including the very successful “Gift of Wings” Rotary fundraising campaign.
As with many us, Lorie recalled Bill’s Remembrance Day accounts of a young seaman during WWII on night duty in the North Atlantic and being guided by the ever-constant North Star. Dr. Winegard is her North Star - constant and true - inspiring the essence of navigating life’s passage with integrity, determination and light and an example of the lessons implied by his life well-lived.  His generosity, his integrity, his kindness, his intelligence, his commitment to his community and young people of all ages will serve as our inspiration and stellar guiding light for years to come.
Donna Dodge (Nee Bower) – School Friend of Kathryn Winegard
Fifty-two years ago, both the Winegard & Bower families moved to Guelph from the Toronto area. It was the year that Centennial C.V.I. opened & Kathryn Winegard & Donna became friends. That is when Donna met Kathryn’s Dad. He was so warm & welcoming & unpretentious. Sadly, as sometimes happens, Kathryn & Donna lost touch when she went away to university, but Dr. Winegard & her Dad had become friends through Rotary and Donna was able to keep updated on Kathryn’s life & I was happy to see her at Centennial’s 25th Reunion. When Kathryn was diagnosed with cancer & passed away shortly thereafter, I was devastated for her teenage son & for the entire Winegard Family. Donna along with Grant Robinson & fellow Class of ’71 friends & with Dr. Winegard’s blessing, started The Kathryn Winegard Scholarship Award at Centennial, which Donna has been honoured to present for the past twenty years. The terrible loss brought Dr. Winegard back into my life & I was grateful for that and the support Dr. Winegard provided when her Dad died suddenly - he was there supporting my Mom & myself and again when my Mom became ill. Dr. Winegard would call her & just chat & she was touched by that. When Mom went into Hospice, he came every other day to visit. His kindness knew no bounds. I will forever remember his arms wrapped around me out in the hallway as we read & reminisced about the many generous people who helped to make Hospice the gift that it is to our community. Donna was blessed to have one last telephone conversation with him a few days before he passed away & I will always treasure that.
“Dr. Winegard was a man of many accomplishments & the recipient of many well-deserved awards & accolades. But to me, he will always be Kathryn’s Dad & my friend”.