"My visit to The Grove Youth Wellness Hub in Fergus absolutely exceeded every expectation," said Terrie Jarvis, "And I was already expecting a lot." 
Our club plans to hold a weekly meeting there in the spring, so everyone can have a tour. In fact, every local Rotary Club should plan such a visit.
It's super-easy to access The Grove Fergus, located in the mall at 900 Tower Street South, on Hwy 6, just south of the downtown area of Fergus. 
The entrance to The Grove is from the front parking lot and through a long hallway. The twin treasures of The Beehive (the location of the Big Brothers Big Sisters) and The Grove Fergus hub are both located towards the back of the building, adjoining one another. 
The 6,000 square feet of The Grove Fergus hub comprises several different rooms, all decorated and equipped uniquely, and serving multiple purposes, as receptionist Alex Coulson explained.   
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