Our District 7080 offered this year's RYLA program (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) in an online format and was highly appreciated by participants.


" I really enjoyed getting to know each and one of you guys, hopefully we can continue to grow these friendships!!" Angela

"I think one word to sum up this weekend would be impact - the way that I think we all probably have made an impact on each other and the way the speakers have impacted me." Sudipta

"Before RYLA, it was a little hard to envision what the future would look like and what future steps, I could help take, but by meeting so many different people that have similar interests it really just gives me hope! Annika

"I'm really pleased that the weekend was spent in such a productive way. It was a great opportunity to see all the talks and diverse presentations and be part of positive energy the entire weekend." Robert

"My key words that I would take away is the importance and strength of community." Jane

"The first word that came to my head whenI reflect on my RYLA experience was refreshing - refreshing to see all of us having a similar passion for the community and social justice." Mary

"RYLA was more than I expected. I have been to leadership conferences before, but RYLA had such diverse speakers and activities that helped me

learn." Celina