Grant allocation for the 22-23 Rotary Year must be submitted by April 30th.
Notice to all committees of the Rotary Club of Guelph, and to interested Rotarians and those with connections to charities in the community
Your board of directors passed a resolution at its March meeting to seek written proposals for consideration for our 2022-23 granting year.  Committees, individual Rotarians and those with connections to charities in the community should submit your dreams for what you'd like us to address in the next Rotary year in writing to Club Secretary Kerry Johnson by April 30.
We currently do not have a figure as to how much we will be able to grant in the coming Rotary year.  A decent sense from this writer is that it could be around half of last year's granting numbers, based on a sense of fundraising results.  But we are several weeks away from knowing more information, and as such are looking for written ideas during April.  I'd personally like to see a breakdown of things that are felt to be core Rotary grant things - things we feel we ought to do year after year after year, as well as the special projects or considerations that are special to the year ahead only.
Currently we also have a review process underway where future granting processes will be clarified, but until that process completes its review, your board is looking for written ideas at this time to begin the process for this coming year.  As the chair of our 22-23 budget and grant allocation processes, I am happy to announce that I would expect your board will oversee some form of all-member consultation in the later Springtime, and I am also hopeful that your board will actively consider both a Spring and a Fall intake for grant applications from committees, Rotarians, and charities in the community as we go forward.
Any questions, please reach me at
Andrew Johnson, PHS, PHF +4
Rotary Club of Guelph