Another week, and another wonderful Rotary meeting with plenty of information for club members, including: 
  • Centennial book
  • New member induction - Lucy Mutharia
  • Rotaract Club presentation
  • Fellowship activities - Call A Rotarian, and Bread Bar Socials
  • Fundraising
  • Rotary Local Lager
  • ZOOM tips from our Marketing Team
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • The printed books have finally arrived!  Tom Funk held up a sample and explained our club's decision to sell them for $75 each: $25 to cover the cost of the printing, plus a $50 tax-receiptable donation to raise funds for our club's projects.
  • It's a hard bound coffee table book containing 66 pages printed on high quality glossy paper. It's a mix of text and photos/images with emphasis on the latter, and it covers major club activities from 1920 to 2020. Frankly, it's a must-have for our club members. 
  • A "sales team" of six Rotarian volunteers has been formed to handle book orders and distribution. Club members can expect to receive a personal email with details in the next week or so.
  • Noma Vales introduced her friend, Lucy Mutharia, as our newest Rotary Club of Guelph member. See the separate welcome article on our ClubRunner website.  Welcome, Lucy! We are honoured to welcome you to our club, and look forward to getting to know you. 
  • Past-President Jordyn Therkildsen and current Secretary Victoria Donovan joined our Zoom meeting and gave a short presentation about the amazing year of the university's Rotaract Club 2019-2020. This year's current President, Alec Cook, was working today so couldn't attend this meeting, but we will certainly hear from Alec again in future.
  • Tracey has ordered Rotaract pins for Jordyn, Alec and Victoria. They will be delivered by mail.
  • Call A Rotarian - President Tracey encourages each member to take a few minutes each week and call at least one other Rotarian from our club for a friendly check-in, especially someone we may not know very well or have not spoken to in a long while. The Membership Roster is a great resource for that, and so is our ClubRunner website, where you can find names and contact details.  Just Do It!
  • Bread Bar Socials - a few Rotarians have started meeting on Thursday evenings at Guelph's Bread Bar on Gordon Street, and are thoroughly enjoying catch-ups and also getting to know some new Rotarians that are attending. Since restaurants have to limit the number of people in attendance, contact Tracey if you'd like to be added to the list. Many thanks to Noma and the Fellowship Committee for starting this. 
  • Tracey is truly gratified and enthused about the many creative ideas coming forth for different fundraisers during the pandemic. Ideas are being researched and developed. Tracey is especially delighted that some of our new members are stepping up with their talents, too. We are so lucky to have the awesome members that we do. 
  • One quick fundraiser took place during our meeting. Liz Cooney offered two of her handmade YOLO face masks, customized to the winner's choice of colour and style. Rapid online bidding took place in the Chat field of our Zoom call, and Crista Renner had the winning bid. (Isn't YOLO a great name for a business? Liz says it stands for You Only Live Once.)
  • Helmuth Slisarenko has some supplies at his house that he'd like to sell off before going on vacation at the end of July. Contact him.
  • He reports that the Rotary Local Lager licence expired this week, but the product will probably continue in a new format. Details to follow.
    • Sean Yo and Crista Renner are co-chairs of our newly-formed Marketing Team, and they provided several helpful tips on the use of Zoom.
    • Each week, they plan to add another tip or two. Sean will stay online for a few minutes after our meeting each week to answer any specific questions.