An update on use of our funding to Serophina & Prascilla
Update on the Feeding program - Bamenda, Cameroon
Greetings to Rotary Club of Guelph Canada,
Thank you all for your support of this work. The problem with internally displaced people in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon continues.
At our home and clinic in Bamenda we work to help the local community have some basic health treatments.
Part of the work includes a continuation of the “feeding program “. Effectively this means providing a good hot meal for up to 25 people each Sunday.
To date you have sent the following funding,
  • FirstTotal payment of 800- Euro(Eight Hundred Euro (525,000cfa).  Fifty percent of this amount (262,500cfa ) was used on food. This has been fully exhausted.
  • Second Total payment of 744-36 Euro (Seven Hundred and forty four Euro and 36 Cent) is now with us and will be used over the coming weeks / months.
 This will be used as requested 45% for food and 55% for Clinic.
We assure you that the total amounts are used as agreed. Noting is removed for any other purpose.
A total of about 75+ people have received a meal each Sunday from Jan. 2019 till June 2019.
A separate update on the clinic will follow in a separate email
Those attending each Sunday are a mixture of Children and adults. Some have been displaced from their home villages others are poor people in the locality.
Serophine Veyufambom July 1st. 2019