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Rotary in Guelph Centennial

Name A Star Program

Rotary is celebrating 100 years of Service Above Self in Guelph in 2020. In preparation for this event, Rotarians in collaboration with the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) and a dedicated set of sponsors and volunteers have been developing the 100-acre Rotary Forest near Guelph Lake with the final planting set to coincide with the Centennial year celebrations in April 2020. 
To augment and maximize the community value of the Rotary Forest the Rotary Club of Guelph and its Foundation have been instrumental in developing and supporting the creation of an exciting community hub embracing: active living; nature and the environment; family recreation; and associated educational programming through the development of a new Nature Centre at Guelph Lake with Connecting Trails to the City and the Rotary Forest in addition to an Observatory & Planetarium at the Centre  
The Name a Star Program is part of a Rotary fundraising initiative to support the Observatory and Planetarium development and related on-going astronomy educational programming and events at the centre.  
Contributors have the opportunity receive the coordinates of your named star as identified by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. You can dedicate your named star to celebrate a key event in your life or for that of a loved one, a friend or colleague as a gift in recognition of significant event or special achievement.  For example, name a star to celebrate the birthday of child, a grandchild, a grandparent, your spouse: an engagement; a wedding; an anniversary; a graduation or other special occasion. Alternatively, you could dedicate the star to a school class and allow them to enjoy the discovery of their class star at a Star Gazing event at the Nature Centre.
Your “Name a Star Package” includes:
  • The Named Star Coordinates,
  • A Framed Name a Star Certificate with a Night Sky Location View including your dedication caption
  • A Love My Star Badge
  • A “Bring a Friends” and / or “Family Members” (Max 3) invitation to a Star Gazing Party at the Guelph Lake Nature Centre and Rotary Observatory (Date and Program to be determined), plus
  • Two Night Sky Star Location Finders and a Star Location Map
  • A Tax receipt for the donation portion of your contribution will be issued.
Name a Star to Celebrate a Key Event (Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or Special Achievement) for a loved one, friend or colleague. The Name Your Star Package includes the Named Star Coordinates, A Framed Star Name Certificate with the Recipient Night Sky Location View – A Map and 2 Night Sky Star Location Finders plus a Love My Star Badge – The recipients passport to a “Bring Friends” or “Family Members” (Up to 3) invitation to participate in a Star Gazing Party at the New Guelph Lake Nature Centre and Rotary Observatory to be established in 2020 (Date and Program to be determined).