Donations to The Rotary Foundation are tax receiptable in Canada. Here are two ways you can pay by etransfer:
  •   This link will take you to Canada's page for The Rotary Foundation where donations can be made and Canadian tax receipts issued. The donation earns PHF points that will show up on your Rotary Foundation account accessible here:
  •   This is the link to make etransfer payments through the Rotary Club of Guelph's account. No security question is necessary as the Club has an automatic deposit account. Please add any relevant comment such as "Donation to The Rotary Foundation" or "Birthday Donation". Of course, you can also pay by cheque. Our club treasurer will transfer your donation to Rotary International and it will later show up as PHF points in your Rotary Foundation account accessible here:
As a reminder, Paul Harris Fellow points are based on US dollars, not Canadian!  Each month, The Rotary Foundation publishes the exchange rate it will use for each country during that month. Here's where you can find this:
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