Children & Youth Committee at Rotary Club of Guelph
As the Club grew, more delineation of the committees occurred. The focus of work for young children was with children with disabilities and the Beechwood Centre provided that service for a number of years.  In cooperation with the Easter Seal Society, Rotarians were the main fundraisers for these children in Guelph. But our club has also supported older youth, 14 – 21, with a variety of programs over the years, at times doing so under the auspices of a separate ‘Youth’ committee. Rotary’s work with ‘youth’ included funding special initiatives, the initiation of high school service awards and the granting of money for worthy projects or community initiatives.  At times these initiatives became committees unto themselves e.g. Youth Exchange and Second Chance Employment Centre. But because they dealt with youth, they are outlined here as part of Rotary’s support for youth.  These projects/initiatives, outlined in more detail below, were in effect from approximately 1970 – 2000.